LIfe at 15,000 Feet

I did it!

I cannot thank Amber enough for the most wonderful birthday present. This was truly a highlight of my life! I love you!

It was strange how I wasn't scared at all, especially at the door which was where I thought I would get nervous. The actual jumping out of the door part happened so fast you couldn't even think. You just went. I was also surprised at how long we were up in the air. It seemed like quite a long time. It was so amazing just floating (though we were really falling) in the air and being able to look all around like that. Above the clouds the view was spectacular. Suposedly Skydive Monterey Bay is the highest skydive in California at 15,000 feet and if you pay for the 18,000 feet jump you are doing the highest jump in the US. So cool! As you can see in the video I'm grinning like a fool the whole time. That was how I felt. Elated!

Another awesome thing I saw was a rainbow. Did you know rainbows are actually circular? Like doughnuts. We see them as arches on the ground but from above they are circles.

I can't go on enough about the experience and about how much it meant to me. It is certainly something I would do again. I'd even consider taking a class. I love birds and up there, I was a bird.

P.s Craziness....my mom wants to do it now. I think she's insane. That or she just wants the damn video. The following are stills from the DVD.

Lee my awesome Jumpmaster getting me ready. I loved him. He really made me feel comfortable about the whole thing.

I was going "OMG" and "Wow" the whole time. I tried to take everything in while I was up there.


Lee just pulled the chute.

On the ground once again. The adrenaline kick was craaazy. I was jumping up and down for like 30 min afterwards. I looked like a raving lunatic I'm sure to all the poor saps waiting to get on the plane and freaking out.

If you would like to watch the video

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