5 weeks

Can you say bloated?


Isn't it Ironic? Dontcha Think?

(No longer Secret Squirrel Post)

Last week someone brought a bag of fortune cookies to work and left them out on the faculty room table. I ate one and low and behold there were four fortunes in it. This is what they said.

Doubt is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object.


The benefits of our efforts are not always obvious.


Listen these next few days to your friends to get answers you seek.


You will be singled out for a special promotion within the month.

Yeah...that's what I said.


Dear Baby Mine


Dear Baby,

I have waited so long for you. So long that I could hardly believe it when I saw those two pink lines that told me you existed. It was so hard to believe and you were such a miracle, that it took three days and three tests for it to sink in. And although you are only the size of a poppyseed or something rediculously small like that, I love you as if you were already in my arms.

So here we go Baby, off on a great journey together. I'll make a deal with you. I'll take whatever you dish at me as long as you stick around. These sore boobs, they're cake. The cramping, I have to admit it freaks me out but if it means you are just burrowing in tight, we're golden. I'm looking forward to morning sickness in a way because it'll feel all the more real. Crazy? I guess so.

I have to admit Baby that I am scared. As scared as I was thinking I'd never get to have you in the first place, I'm even more terrified to lose you. You are my miracle and I so very much want to be your mommy.

I have been waiting 36 years for you. That's a long, long time and there's a whole lotta love just waiting for you. May God bless you and keep the both of us in his hand.

I love you,


Do You See What I see?


10 DPO

11 DPO


Our Civic Duty

My mom registered to vote last night for the first time in over 15 years. I had to take her to the Dem. headquarters to do so but she did it. I could have cried. I am proud of her because she is someone who has always said her vote doesn't matter because it's "just one vote". I finally got through to her that her vote does matter and that it is so important that she does vote, especially for local elections.

The folks at the headquarters were excited as well telling my mom that her daughter "did a great thing". Yay!

I also stopped by to visit my 88 year old grandma at her convalescent hospital. She gave me her ballot to mail and was so excited to be able to vote for Obama.
Keep in mind that my grandma, a product of her generation, hasn't always been the most tolerant person. In fact I've gotten mad at her for comments that I felt to be slighty bigoted. I guess I'm a loudmouth because I always tell her what I think.

On a bad note, one of my coworkers (one of the few non-catholics- read evangelical)sent a mass email to everyone on staff yesterday about the evils ofProp 8. At first I was shocked that she would send such a thing. Then I got angry and had to force myself not to reply all and kick her ass. I have a step child who identifies as a lesbian and personaly I was insulted beyond belief to receive this garbage. Who is to say she can't marry in the future. Who is to say she can't be given the rights as any other lame-o on the planet. Gay folks marrying doesn't impact or change my marriage one bit. Ugh I'd go on but I'm getting too pissed off.

Anyway, yay for my family, boo for my coworker.


RIP Henri

Sweet Henri pased away today. I found him when I came home from work. I feel even more sad than normal because he had to die alone. Most of my ratties have passed as I held them. I just hope he didn't suffer.

My poor, sweet baby...I will miss his ratty kisses, his cuddles, and even how he smelled of caramel corn.

I let Tristan see him before I took him to the vet to be cremated and he wouldn't leave Henri's body alone. He kept licking his brother and trying to groom him. It was so sad.