Adios Motherfucker (Debauchery Within)

Last night was my best friend's 29th b'day party...grr to her not being in her 30's yet. LOL I went up to San Jose Friday night late so I could help her get ready all day Sat. The theme was a fetish party, though rather low key in reality. I mean we are just talking about adults dressing in revealing costumes and getting wasted. Amber and I went to an adult store and got tons of fun partyish things to decorate with. She didn't want the "pin the manhood on the man" game though. Oh well, her loss. Then I got busy with finding and mixing the most lethal drinks I could find. So we had vats of "Adios Motherfucker" and "Hawaiian Spooge".

My outfit was kind of a bummer. I had brought two with me just in case one didn't work out which was such a good thing. I was thinking of wearing my old fashioned playboy bunny costume, complete with a pink satin corset but I had left my dance pants at home and no way was I going to walk around in see through black lace panties, party or no party. So I ended up wearing my catholic school girl outfit. Ehh whatever I wasn't there to impress.

We had decided early on that the "AMF" drink had to be a shot drink, that it was too lethal any other way. It was a very popular one however and everyone was having a great time. I, of course, was the lone sober person which is what usually happens. It's not like I choose it, it just happens as I have some funky tolerance of steel.

At one point in the night I had had three shots Of "AMF" and four mixed drinks and was stone cold sober. It was announced that I was always like this so one of the larger guys there proceeds to claim that he was going to "drink me under the table". Yeah ok, whatever dude. I dated a Swede and he couldn't even do that. So being up for a challenge I go over to the vat and we have a shot. Ten min later dude is still talking smack saying "You're going down" and "I'm Irish" and he dares me to have another shot..Ok so I do. He gets himself one and it's only filled halfway. I call him on it and make him fill it to the brim. More shit talking.

Let me just say no more than 20 min later he says, "The room is spinning" and promptly goes into the bathroom to puke and remains there for the next three hours!!!! So then one of Amber's female coworkers decides I was faking or something cause she says I don't believe you have another one. *sigh* Let's just say I had approx. 8 shots and 6 large mixed cocktails and I was the only one up at 9 am, hangover free, cleaning the whole house. Now kids I don't recommend that to anyone I mean, I made a grown man cry in the bathroom (I did keep getting him water though cause I'm nice like that)but sometimes it's a bitch to be sober. I don't think I'll ever have to prove myself again.

Anyway it was a pretty fun night..lots of loonies, some really good convos, and seeing Amber get shackled to a ladder and smacked with a wip 29 times, all the while cracking up in her pink dayglo wig, made dealing with everyone's hangover crankiness the next day worth it.


Yeah Baby

Today was another drama filled day. I have no idea why Alex cannot have one cranky free day. I don't understand why life has to be so hard. And here I was stoked to get to see Tomb Raider and the day was *that* close to be ruined. *sigh*

Oh well we saw it and...yeah...Angelina rocks. I love her. Ya know it's not the best flick in the world but from the time I started playing the games years ago I was enthralled with the smart, globe trotting, butt kicking brunette heroine. The fact that Angelina plays the character in the movies just makes it all the better.


Aren't Roller Coasters Supposed to be Fun?

Sunday we took the kids to Paramount's Great America with my best friend. Alex's statement towards the end of the day. "Never again!"

I thought as a teen you're supposed to love roller coasters, you love amusement parks? I did when I used to go there as a teen. Sadly the day held no amusement.

Early on we went on Rip Roaring Rapids, a ride I've never been too thrilled about, something about walking around in wet clothes all day, don't really like it. Of course I got completely drenched, worse than I ever had before. Seriously not a dry section on my body. The worst thing was that at the last "pay money to completely flood the tube of strangers" spot, Alex's new and expensive glasses flew off and haven't been seen since. Then the day just seemed to get better.

Emrys refused to ride anything. He was bored, he was hot, his legs were tired, he had a headache, he was DYING of thirst. Seriously I've never seen a kid look so morose in such an environment. You'd think we were leading him off to listen to Lawrence Welk for 6 hours. Alex finally gave him some money and sent him off to play at the arcade for the second time that day. Bethia was a good sport and rode the roller coasters with me but we didn't even ride the Demon. We missed about half of the rides, something I've never done. So Alex is right, never again, for as much as a day in the park with four people costs I could be heading somewhere tropical.

We are learning so much this summer, or at least I am.

A Late Update

Fort Ord: Blaze rages as crews work to contain it

"...A military spokeswoman had said Thursday that no training was going on near the fire's origin at the FBI's Military Operations on Urban Terrain area -- a compound of buildings and streets nestled in a wooded area off Eucalyptus Road near Barloy Canyon Road.

But on Friday, Installation Commander Lt. Col. Jeffrey Cairns said a team of Navy special forces was on the site on Thursday and unintentionally started the blaze while preparing to leave about 3 p.m.

"There was training involving blank ammunition and smoke grenades," Cairns said. "We believe a smoke grenade likely started it yesterday afternoon."

SEALs were finishing up training and were setting off ammunition and smoke grenades that had not been used during their training, said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Bender, a spokesman for the Navy's Special Warfare Command Center in Coronado. He would not say how long the team had been at the site, but nearby residents reported hearing machine-gun fire and explosions beginning on Tuesday."

This was the headline last Saturday on the front page of the paper. When you are right, you're right.


How Ironic

There's a fire burning pretty close to my house. As of 11 pm it was up to 1000 acres. Guess where it is. Yep you guessed it, right next to the forbidden city. Alex and I when we heard the news were taking bets on whether it was started by a wayward shell or flare or some such other nonsense they were playing with up there.

Of course they won't directly say they caused it and gee it's so funny how they, all of a sudden, stopped shooting after 4 whole days once the fire started. Bastards. They can't even work on containing it right now cause it's in an area of unexploded ordinance and stuff is blowing up all over the place.


Awake and Not in a Good Way

Thank you Forbidden City.

Thank you for firing explosives after midnight. Thank you for deciding someone can play post apocalyptic urban soldier in the middle of the night. I realize it's for the benefit all of the US of A when the rest of the world comes gunning for us. I don't mind feeling like I'm in Iraq or being able to count how many rounds you guys are shooting off. Yeah, I'm sure the kids don't mind either....Grrrrrr

For those that don't know I live on a massive former Army base, half of it is still Army property..the other half a university. Ironic isn't it? Anyway, there's an area up in the mountains called the Forbidden City. It's a scale replica of a city made entirely out of cinder blocks complete with a sewer system. High up military types, CIA, FBI, Navy Seals get to go play GI Urban Assault Joe and shoot like crazy up there. Usually at night cause jeeze we like to shoot people at night don't we? I've even seen those yucky silent huge ass helicopters fly in a formation over campus housing a few times. Gotta love big brother.

Tonight isn't just assault riffle rounds, it's bomb blasts. I would appreciate it if they leave the bombing out of it.


Cars are the Devil

I just got off the phone with my new principal. Why should it matter to her that I don't drive? Why should she make it some personal professional goal for me to get my license? Why should she even give a shit? I have never let my lack of driving effect my work, my schooling, anything! It makes me so damn angry. She wouldn't shut up about it and I'm the type of person who, you try to force me to do something like that and I push all the harder back to not do it.

Yes, I am 31 and I don't drive. I don't want to drive. It scares the crap out of me. I've tried to get my license and both tests were horrifying. Why can't people just understand that you aren't incapacitated and that maybe some people choose not to drive? I fucking hate America and it's stupid SUV obsession..its now, now, now attitude. Why can't I be in the UK where sane people take the tube to work and buses and trains?



I touched one of those today!!! I am in awe.

I have been in a teacher institute at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the past week. For those that do not know. MBA is just about the best aquarium in the world and it's right in my back yard. It's actually turning 20 next year. I was given the opportunity to participate in this institute for Pre-K to 2nd grade teachers. It was a week long, all day long program geared towards teaching science in your classroom, specifically marine, life, and conservation. It was an exhausting albeit wonderful week. They Aquarium was overly generous in supplying us with supplies, books, cds, food, and stipends for even being involved in the program. Then they pair you with an Aquarium educator buddy who comes to your class three times to work with your kids in science. Then you have a field trip. Excellent.

We took a behind the scenes of the Aquarium tour today and I touched a Moon Jelly. It was magic.



Sometimes I just want to kick certain people.

Dan, my ex husband, called me today to tell me he was sending me $200.00 (out of the $1400.00 he owes me). He proceeds to go on and on about how he misses me every day and how he misses my widow's peak and whatever other body part he happens to throw in that day. Told me he loves me. How the hell does he expect me to react? I don't give a damn that he dreams of me or that he can't get over me. I mean he couldn't say anything nice when we were together. All I got then was awful, evil shit I can't even repeat it hurts so bad. Obsession over body parts just makes me feel like the sex object he kept wanting me to be. He was too lame to realize that words and actions really affected my perception and desire of him.

All I could say was, "Dan it's been two years". I have no other reaction to him when he says these things. Apparently he tried to date but can't...talks about me all the time. *sigh* He knows I've moved on and am quite happy, at least I've told him that. Whether or not it computes is another thing.

What really pissed me off was the fact he mentioned a son of some friends of his (former friends of mine). He said how the kid was so great and how wonderful it was to play with him and be with him, hold him...how he'd like to have a kid. I could vomit...really. I told him I never wanted to hear those words come out of his mouth. HOW DARE HE??? Besides the alcohol consumption, the children issue was the largest problem. He knew I wanted a baby so bad and yet changed his mind on me saying no. To hear him say that kind of shit makes me livid.

I also found out he's good friends with some older woman who's a new teacher at the school I'm going to teach at. She knows all about me. I don't even have to explain why that's irritating. She better not EVER talk to me about him.

It just upsets me how no matter how happy and stable I am with Alex, Dan still can piss me off to no end and remind me of how we were a failure. I never expected to get divorced. When I got married it was for good and it still hurts that it has gone down like it did. And he telling me all this crap, how the hell am I supposed to react? Am I supposed to run back to him or something? It's no going to happen...it's too late.