"Can Haz Outside?"

Oh my goodness, sometimes I think this child is trying to pummel his way out. Since I only feel him on one side it's as if my insides are bruised. At least they feel this way. This cracks Alex up and he took great delight in telling me today, "Can haz outside?" It's amazing how sharp and pointy those little heels are because I think that's what I feel the most with an elbow jab thrown in here and there. It's also really odd feeling these body parts and being able to push on them a bit and feel them sink back into my belly, kind of like Jack drowning in Titanic. Heh.

So here I am in all my bare bellied 30 week glory. I feel huge and apparently I still look huge. Nothing like continuous comments to make a girl feel good. In fact, since I take these pics myself, I've realized that I can no longer get my big ass and belly in the same shot. I'm scared for what I'm going to look like in 10 weeks. Even Alex, who has been through two pregnancies with his ex-wife is amazed at my size. "Yeah, you're going to be huge". Thanks hun.

I also must take a moment to totally AW the most gorgeous shower invites that my fabulous friend, Megan and her husband made. Seriously, I could cry over how beautiful they are.

Ray did a kick ass job in designing these. They are some super talented people and I love them for making these so special for me. Thank you guys.


Happy Freaking Earth Day

Disney needs to send me some Prozac for having to sit through Earth today, matter of fact so does my principal.

My whole school went to see the movie Earth today for Earth Day. What a fab idea, right? Heh...

Now I have to write a disclaimer stating that I hate animal movies. HATE them. I hate them because they are almost always depressing. This is also why I don't like watching Animal Planet. If I watch for more than an hour I am sure to be depressed.

I fully admit that I am a hypocrite. I'm not a vegetarian. I would be if I had to kill the animal myself, but since I don't I'll eat it, therefore I'm a hypocrite.

So there we are sitting in the theater and I know it's going to be bad. It's a nature movie so it's bound to be depressing. It's a Disney movie as well so you know someone is going to die. Yeah, Disney/nature combo equals a bad combination. The cinematography was fantastic but the storyline stunk.

*Here be spoilers...seriously if you want to be "surprised" don't read this*

I don't need to hear about or see multiple animals die. I know what happens in the wild. I don't need to see an elephant (I freaking love elephants) be gang killed and I don't need to hear about how a poor baby elephant they filmed wandering through Africa, was separated from his herd and momma, was going to die because he was following her trail the opposite way. I also really, really didn't need to follow the story of the father polar bear who fails to find food. Then after swimming hopelessly for two days tries again and again to weakly attack some walruses. After showing this they show said starving polar bear (which they remind you of again and again)practically dragging himself along the shore until he lies down to die.

You are freaking mother f'ers Disney! Here you market this movie as some happy sappy movie following three families (seriously the cute ducky part is like five minutes long if that). Where was the damn happiness, I'd like to know?

Happy freaking Earth Day. Prozac for all.

Ps. Sebastian wasn't liking it either. He was kicking like crazy through the whole thing.


Oh Hospital, How Do I Love Thee. Let me Count the Ways.

Alex and I had our hospital tour last night. We really have two hospitals we can choose from so we decided to check out the one that seemed the more modern one first. We have a friend who just delivered there and could do nothing but rave about it.

Oh my goodness do I love it. Shall I list the ways?

-They are a "baby friendly" hospital. They advocate for breast feeding and have a lactation center and large staff to help you. They do not give bottles or pacifiers.

-They are natural birth friendly with tubs in 4 of the rooms and a tub in a separate tub room if you don't get a tub room. They also have birthing balls and a stool.

-They delay cord cutting on principal and encourage skin to skin contact 1-2hrs after birth. They won't take the baby from you or weigh/measure him or her until that time is up.

-The baby rooms with you 24hrs a day. If, on the off chance, the baby needs to leave the room, you may go too.

-24 hr room service. No kidding! You get hungry at 3am, they'll make it for you. They'll even make food for your husband/coaches and you get to choose from a huge menu.

-They want you to stay for at least two nights in order to make sure the baby is ok and you have established a good start at breastfeeding.

-Before you leave they treat you and your husband to a champagne dinner (sparkling cider if you ask for it). We saw one of these being wheeled past last night on a fancy table and everything.

-They won't make your child get the HepB. They also will delay the Vit K. shot and the eye goop for two hours (if we choose to get it and not waive it).

-They have fridges in each room, something that is important to me since my husband is a diabetic and needs his meds refrigerated.

I'm probably forgetting something but man, do I like this place. I registered last night and now we just keep on waiting.


I Love Canadians

This Canadian government ad has been making the news rounds today. I love it.

Alex was loving it too. I think we've watched it about 5 times.

In baby news, I don't have gestational diabetes. Woot!


Enjoying Easter While Resembling an Easter Egg...

...is not what it's cracked up to be.

Yeah, I know, bad pun.

28 Weeks, 4 days.

I wish I looked decent. I seem to hate all pictures of myself lately.

Today my mom and I went to Mass at our old church today because it was closer to where my grandmother lives. It wasn't a good idea. We realized how much we really can't stand the whole join hands, guitar playing, untraditional Mass they have going there. We should have just driven farther and gone to our normal church which is pretty traditional and, dare I say uptight. I do love it though.

We also couldn't stand that the music director, while super enthusiastic about what she was doing and the music, was a terrible singer, singing off key and flat at most times. It was terrible. Why would you hire someone like that?

Anyway, after Mass we went to have lunch with my Grammy at her new assisted living place. Thank God it finally opened up and we were able to get her out of the "hell hole" as she calls it. The dining room doesn't seat very many people so only my mom and I went. Alex doesn't do the Easter thing anyway. It was nice to visit her for a while since I hadn't been able to for a month, though I was super tired at the end of the visit.

Apparently I look huge to everyone else, not just myself (giant easter egg anyone?)because when one of the nurses asked me when I was due she couldn't believe it. "Really!? I thought you were farther along. Do you have two in there? Are you sure?" Then she had one of the other nurses guess how far along I was. *sigh*

Two days earlier my mom and I went to BabiesRUs so I could show her the stuff I put on the registry. She couldn't find them by herself previously. At check-out the checker dude says in a super perky way, "Hope you have the baby soon!". Ummm I don't and I told him so. "Oh, well in a month then?" Not then either.

People know how to make a girl feel good.