Stupid Family Drama

I don't know why the only time Alex and I fight is when the kids are here. Things have been great the past three months. A couple days with both of them here and he becomes a screaming ass.

I shouldn't really call it a fight because really it's just Alex being pissed. Apparently Bethia is sooooo sad because she couldn't see her new boyfriend. He lives in Gilroy and she wanted to go see him and stay overnight at his house and come home the next day on the bus. Supposedly the bus schedule doesn't work for her to go visit. Alex said he'd have to meet this dude's parents first before she could. Well she cried her eyes out.

Then he freaking caved and said *I* could meet the mom when they came to pick Bethia up and see if she's ok. I gave him a look to say, "why the hell did you cave?" and he freaks out on me. He goes, "What's that look for?". I said how I didn't approve but that it wasn't my choice. He already knew how I felt about her going to Gilroy to stay at her bf's house but he still kept pressing me on why I made a face. So then he got all mad saying he'd come home from work then and when I went into his office to talk to him he screamed at me to get the fuck out. I of course wouldn't until he asked me in a calm manner. That resulted in him calling me a bitch and leaving the house.

Fucking nice. We were fine, great, and then shit hits the fan. I'm tired of it. The kids are fucking drama. I'm sorry that I don't find that appropriate. I know what can happen even under parent's noses. Just because Alex was sleeping around at 14 doesn't make it ok in my eyes to even give Bethia the opportunity. I also don't appreciate that he called me a bitch in front of the kids. That's inexcuseable.

I'm pissed and I'm doubly pissed that I don't get to explain my feelings because he gets mad and storms off.