No Chance of Hope

Not much to write because I've been crying too much this evening.

I had my ultrasound today and subsequently had this IUI cycle cancelled. My clomid was too high of a dose and I produced too many mature follicles, 5 of them by CD 9! Rather than risk HOM (high order multiples) we have had to cancel the IUI and are not allowed to even try on our own.

I am so sad. What else, God? This cycle has been reduced to a complete waste where I have absolutely no hope of getting a baby at the end.


Walgreen's Breakdown

Otherwise known as: Don't Keep a Woman from her Hormones.

Just because my life seems to revolve around my lack of a baby and trying to obtain one, here is another TTC themed post.

So here we are cycle 11. We have now been formally diagnosed. We are both broken, yay! /sarcasm. MFI for Alex and Dysynchronous Endometrium for me. Basically his sperm are duds and my uterine lining sure as heck doesn't want to line up with the rest of my cycle.

Luckily, thanks for those prayers ladies, Alex's last SA was improved so we are now starting cycle 11 as our first medicated IUI cycle. IUI is insemination for thoe that don't understand. My RE put me 150mg of clomid to kick my cycle into gear. Thankfully the side effects have been minimal, though I've only been on it two days with three to go.

Getting the clomid however was a feat in and of itself.

I went to Target and they were confused by my drs script. He had written 150 mg with 3 pills and they weren't getting it. i had to show my IUI schedule to them where he clearly had "150mg from 3 pills total" filled in for them to understand. Then after a half an hour they tell me they can't fill it because they don't have the 15 pills.

So with cranky DH in tow I decide to go to Walgreens. It's dark, I'm hungry and tired, I'm just not in a good space.

They take forever to get my insurance info straight even asking me for my DH's SS. Like I would know that! Then they are all flustered over the 150mg thing. "But three 150mgs are too much. You can't take that much!" So I again show them my schedule which they make a copy of in order to accept the script. Great so now Walgreens has a copy of my reproductive schedule on file. They are privey to when I get shot up with sperm and what-not.

Then comes the moment when the chick realizes that my dr put today's date on two of the scripts but put tomorrows date on the clomid. They said they couldn't fill it. I, of coursse, freak out and immediately dissolve in tears. They called the office but it was after six so no way was he there. All I could do is cry and say, "I need to start it tonight". I think they realized that they had a crazy IF (infertile) woman in front of them and filled it.

I felt like a tool crying but I was so upset at the thought of not getting my drugs. It was like they were saying "no baby for you!"

Anyway so here I am on my clomid waiting to finish that and go into the drs office for my second ultrasound (with the huge dildo wand) to find out if we can keep going with the cycle. Don't want to have to many eggs going and don't want to have any cysts. Any of those and the cycle is cancelled. If not we can schedule a trigger shot in the butt and the rest I'll leave out. LOL

We have three of these before IVF in July. I'm just hoping we won't need to take that last step.