Please Make it Stop!

I have been running on empty lately. Physically and emotionally. The paperwork has buried me this year and the fact that my co-teacher and I, who have always gotten along, are now grating on each others nerves (at least she is on mine) isn't making things better. I know Head Start is a good program but to be honest I wish we were not in a partnership with them. They do not have the attitude of partnership nor does my co-teacher. With Head Start they believe their ways are best, do as we do. A lot of it just makes me want to puke. With my co-teacher it is the same way. Very unchanging and unwilling to compromise.

We have 27 students. Most of them are Head Start students. All but one are also State students. This means I am responsible for the paperwork for 26 student whereas she is for 19 or so. She also doesn't have to do the exact same paperwork as me, so while she does have lots to do it is not the extent I am doing mine. I also have to do mine all by myself on my own non-paid, non-benefited time.

I have been up till 3:30 am two nights in a row trying to get my paperwork done for parent conferences. This is a lot of stuff. For example we had 5 yesterday and were to have 5 today. She springs two new conferences tomorrow on our already planned two. Didn't bother consulting me, asking if it was ok or could we switch it to next week. Oh no, she has to go by her schedule forget the fact I haven't slept in days and maybe just maybe I can't get three new files done in one evening.

If I'm here next year things are going to change!!!

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