Math Geek and the Countdown

Three months from today I'll be a hitched lady again. I think about all I have to do in the next few months and it makes my head spin. It doesn't help that I am neck deep in a show and immersed in fifth grade (I'm all about the activism and colonial studies these days).

Proof has opened with possibly the shortest rehearsal period I have experienced and the largest line load I have ever had. I thought Communicating Doors was bad with the one five minute scene being the only one I wasn't in. I think the one scene in Proof is about three minutes. At least I don't feel emotionally wasted afterwards like Our Town though should I with this one?

It's been great to work with my "dad" again. I think I need to start having contracts that dictate that my dad has to be Skip and my mom has to be Theresa. It's nice to feel close to people like that. We've gotten some nice feedback from people who liked our show better than the movie (not hard) and the London production (say what?) so we'll see what happens.

Ack it's late, what the hell am I doing up?

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