Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady Part 1

Our wedding day has come and gone and what a day, and time leading up to it, it was.

Wedding festivities started with Ms. evil Ambolina trying to sneaky and taking me on a surprise bachelorette cruise to Mexico. The paranoid over planner I am I had it figured out down to the ship we were on but kudos to her for keeping it from me and enlisting others to do the same.

We had a great time but man it was crazy. Some random cruise thoughts...

- Carnival Cruises are filled with drunk crazies.

- Amber and I are cursed. Loud idots will follow us wherever we are in order to wake us up at some god awful hour.

- Mountain biking in Mexico with no shade, not a good idea.

- "That girl" is freakin' hilarious. That girl face planted in the middle of the bar would have been funnier.

- Coffee!!!!!!!

- Cruise ship shows are sooooo bad. Why must they stick the bigger girl in a horrible, skimpy flapper outfit and make the guys carry her around over their heads?

- People would rather drown than listen to lifeboat instructions.

- Where's my $500 piece of art?

- Destino was kick ass.

- Mexico, or at least Ensinada was extremely depressing. The poverty was heartbreaking. I couldn't believe the amount of liquor ads on all the buildings.

- That drunk chick in the stairwell, she "rides John Deeres". Yep "she has a boyfriend named John and she riiiiides him". LOL

- Carnival Cruises are no place for children.

- Comedians are likely to cause a riot or at least some bitches pulling hair.

- Leopard bar = hotness.

Yeah good times! The amount of food they threw at you on the ship was crazy. It's like they wanted you to walk off the boat drunk and 50lbs heavier. It was certainly an adventure and I'm so grateful to Amber for doing all that for me. I have very few pics because Amber took them and hasn't sent them yet

*stares at Amber until she send me some pics*

Lifejackets are cool.

Gaze at the superfro! This was a white woman people!!!

So cool casino slots I NEVER got to play. People were always on it :( I don't blame them though. How could you not play something that cute and bright, not to mentioned named Lucky Lemmings?!

Sporty Ambo she's like a spicegirl, only better.

I love people who don't read. I photoshopped the pic a bit so you can read and revel in the great parenting. I count four kids in the pic but there were actually five in there.

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