Our Civic Duty

My mom registered to vote last night for the first time in over 15 years. I had to take her to the Dem. headquarters to do so but she did it. I could have cried. I am proud of her because she is someone who has always said her vote doesn't matter because it's "just one vote". I finally got through to her that her vote does matter and that it is so important that she does vote, especially for local elections.

The folks at the headquarters were excited as well telling my mom that her daughter "did a great thing". Yay!

I also stopped by to visit my 88 year old grandma at her convalescent hospital. She gave me her ballot to mail and was so excited to be able to vote for Obama.
Keep in mind that my grandma, a product of her generation, hasn't always been the most tolerant person. In fact I've gotten mad at her for comments that I felt to be slighty bigoted. I guess I'm a loudmouth because I always tell her what I think.

On a bad note, one of my coworkers (one of the few non-catholics- read evangelical)sent a mass email to everyone on staff yesterday about the evils ofProp 8. At first I was shocked that she would send such a thing. Then I got angry and had to force myself not to reply all and kick her ass. I have a step child who identifies as a lesbian and personaly I was insulted beyond belief to receive this garbage. Who is to say she can't marry in the future. Who is to say she can't be given the rights as any other lame-o on the planet. Gay folks marrying doesn't impact or change my marriage one bit. Ugh I'd go on but I'm getting too pissed off.

Anyway, yay for my family, boo for my coworker.


Serendipite said...

I find it incredibly offensive when people tell me about how our troops need to fight for our freedom and protect our freedom, and then turn around and try and tell others who they can and can't marry. I really hope 8 gets rejected in November.

Mari said...

I'm so sorry that your coworker is giving evangelicals a bad name. I am not catholic. I guess I would identify myself as an evangelical and it makes me angry when people feel they have the right to make such judgment.

What sort of harm could come from a marriage? A legal partnership allowing these human beings to have the same rights as everyone else? It is sad really, and truly, it makes my heart break.

Aside from that. I'm definitely glad for your mom and grammy! You must feel very proud!

As an aside. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.