Baby Led Weaning

After researching Baby Led Weaning and talking about when and how to start solids, Alex and I decided that BLW was the way to go. We were committed to exclusively breastfeed until 6 months and ended up starting BLW a week and a couple days shy of Sebastian's six monthday. It was hard to wait since he was showing all of the "signs" of readiness for a month. I could barely eat anything or drink a bottle of water without him trying to grab it.

So we were pretty excited to start though, to be honest, it also made me a bit sad because it's just another thing along with his three teeth that are proof he's growing up and moving closer to a year. Plus, until now he has depended solely on me (and yes, I know he still does)for his food. Me = emotional mama.

Anyway, we started him on Christmas night. It seemed fitting considering it was a holiday and my mom was here to celebrate with us. It was also a prelude to our big family Boxing Day meal. We decided to offer him green beans, carrots, ham, a bit of cheesy potatoes, and a roll. He also had a new sippy cup with some water.

Here is our photographic evidence...

My big boy in his high chair, clearly excited to be joining the family for dinner.

"You mean this is all for me!?"

He went for the ham first.

He loved his roll the most.

"Forget these cheesy potatoes, I want my ham."

Trying out his sippy cup.

The whole thing was very positive and Sebastian was happy the whole time. He didn't gag at all. He preferred the ham and roll over everything else, though I don't know if he ingested any of either of them. He must have eaten some green beans because I found the evidence of a bite in his diaper today.

The following two days, were also good with Sebastian trying new foods such as avocado (meh), chicken (yum!), asparagus (thumbs up), cucumber (gimmie more), and lettuce (not a fan).

I'm so proud of him. Thumbs up for BLW.


Barb said...

Interesting! I had heard of this. Glad it went well! :)

E_Sharp said...

I can't believe he has three teeth already! He must have taught that ham a thing or two!!
Trent also LOVES his bread, he's a carboholic already!
I love that 2nd shot where he is clearly delighted with that plate full of food!

BabyBurns said...

Those pictures are adorable! He's getting so big!!

theluckiest said...

Hi- Sebastian is too cute with that roll! haha I was wondering if you'd be willing to share some of the resources that helped you learn more about BLW?

t.bird said...

omg- he's adorable with that roll!

The Riebe's said...

I don't mean to sound rude, but the whole carrots can pose a very serious choking risk and if swallowed can plug your son's Esophagus . I'm sure you are right there, but just be careful!

Married2MrWright said...

Love your high chair! Where did you get it?

Also, did you introduce the sippy cup before the solids or at the same time? My DD already drinks BM from a cup (she refuses the bottle) so I wonder if I can just put water in a regular cup for her once we start BLW. We've tried sippy cups for BM and she doesn't like them.

Jennifer said...

I've had his highchair for ten years or so. It was handpainted.

I introduced a sippy with water the first time we introduced solids. At first we only offered an ounce. Now he's up to unlimited water in a sippy if he's thirsty.

We didn't want to mess with breastfeeding and have him replace feedings with water in the beginning.