BLW Update 3/22 - 4/7

This is another small update of new food items. At the end of the month I'll be updating the large list to show all of the foods Sebastian has eaten over our 3 1/2 months of BLW.

Homemade mac and cheese ♥
Grapes ♥
Strawberry ♥
Dill pickle ♥
French toast
Cauliflower (both raw and cooked)
Pork loin
Cherry jello ♥
Baked zitti ♥
Tuna salad
Refried black beans
Cheese Enchilada

He loved the strawberry but it made Sebastian, his highchair, and the floor look like a murder scene. I then got paranoid about allergies, which I normally don't, and panicked about letting him try strawberries before age one. So while he was fine and had no reaction to the berry I may wait a month or so before giving him another one.

Easter evening we had some cherry Jello as a dessert. I used a bowl that my Grammy gave me. It was hers for years and I had always liked it as a child because it was so pretty. I had my first Jello out of that bowl and my grandmother would always tell the funny story about my first reaction to it. So, I was looking forward to the day I could make Jello (yes, lame I know) for my own child. Alex was not thrilled with the idea because of all the sugar and junk in there but in the end he realized one bite was not going to kill Sebastian.

What is this silly stuff?

You expect me to eat this?

I love Jello!

This week we went out to dinner at Swiss Chalet. Since it was an impromptu dinner I didn't have a sippy cup with me so they gave us a covered glass with a straw. I wasn't convinced he would get anything out of it but, to my surprise, my 9 month old baby used that straw like a pro. We tried it again yesterday at East Side Mario's even though I came armed with a sippy and he did just as well.

I've been really happy to get feedback (both here and on the message boards) from many of you who read my BLW blog posts and thrilled for those of you who have found success with BLW either by starting on your own or by being encouraged or influenced by our experiences. My husband keeps telling me to start a specific BLW blog but I don't know if that would be overkill. Anyone have thoughts on that?


poopoopoo said...

Scarlett has always been great with a straw. My mom said none of us were, so I've always wonder in BF babies take to it better.

Good job on all the foods. Scarlett is so picky, but look at her dad.

Katie said...

You have totally been my inspiration for BLW. I think a BLW specific blog would be a great idea. It would add to the information out there, and help bring the word out. I had never heard of BLW before you started posting about your experiences, I just thought I had to go the puree route.

Sidenote: How do you feed Sebastien grapes. Do you cut them in half? Thanks!

Other important sidenote: I love those pictures of Sebastien, he looks so happy with the jello!

Kimberly said...

Yes, I think you should start a blog! I have been inspired to try BLW from your posts and it fits so nicely within our family. I loved the picture of Sebastian eating his broccoli and I couldn't wait to gives some to my daughter. At first, she practically spit the broccoli out. But after seeing me eat and enjoy broccoli, she gnawed on the stalk for 10 minutes.

Sara said...

I just found your blog via the Bump. I think a blog on BLW is a wonderful idea. We're doing the traditional purees as we start on solids, but I'm also adding in some BLW, because I hate the idea of only feeding my son food that I wouldn't want to eat myself. Reading about your experience with BLW is a big help!

karma-dee said...

I'd love to read a BLW blog! You were the inspiration for us trying broccoli with Conor and he thanks you for that. I think because he did so well with the broccoli I wasn't afraid to try other new things.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I love your inspirational blog. We are just embarking on the IVF journey (I start hormone injections and nasal spray on May 9th).

Your blog set-up / design is gorgeous. Did you make it? I am not much good at the html coding but would love a similar look to my blog. Could you perhaps give me some quick pointers, please? That would be fabulous!

Annie (from Denmark)

Cannonball14 said...

Jacob loves the straw! It makes life so much simpler knowing I don't have to drag a sippy everywhere. I was shocked when I realized he could do it!

The Chandlers said...

Yes! I think you should start a BLW blog!!!

Blair said...

Chrys, I officially FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU right now.

My pedi is having us do BLW with Harrison for his reflux & I was like, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" & was pointed back over here (I'm ashamed to say I haven't stopped by in probably two months, don't hate me!).


I would ADORE if you did a BLW-specific blog. Because I have no clue where to go with this with a kid that has ZERO teeth & dairy & soy allergies.