One of the Worst Books Ever

Well, certainly one of the worst to read a week away from your baby's first birthday.

I happened across this book while at a local Christian bookstore, getting a baptism present for one of our favorite little dudes. Oh. my. god, I had to shut it quick before I started crying big ugly tears right there in the store.

I mean this one ranks up there with Robert Munsch's Love You Forever. You remember that one where the grown man rocks his elderly mother on his lap as she had done for so many years. KILLS ME.

You can see a few pages here but get out the tissue.
"Long ago you came to me,
a miracle of firsts;
First smiles and teeth and baby steps,
a sunbeam on the burst.
But one day you will move away
and leave me to your past.
And I will be left thinking of
of a lifetime of your lasts..."
"The last time when you ran to me,
still small enough to hold.
The last time when you said you'd marry
me when you got old.
Precious, simple moments and
bright flashes from your past-
Would I have held on longer if
I'd have known they were your last?"
Seriously, bad idea.
I am so not ready for his birthday to come. Please sweet boy, please stop, for just a little while. I'm not ready to let go.

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Katie said...

Oh my Gosh! Thank you so much for making me BLUBBER! :*(