Awake and Not in a Good Way

Thank you Forbidden City.

Thank you for firing explosives after midnight. Thank you for deciding someone can play post apocalyptic urban soldier in the middle of the night. I realize it's for the benefit all of the US of A when the rest of the world comes gunning for us. I don't mind feeling like I'm in Iraq or being able to count how many rounds you guys are shooting off. Yeah, I'm sure the kids don't mind either....Grrrrrr

For those that don't know I live on a massive former Army base, half of it is still Army property..the other half a university. Ironic isn't it? Anyway, there's an area up in the mountains called the Forbidden City. It's a scale replica of a city made entirely out of cinder blocks complete with a sewer system. High up military types, CIA, FBI, Navy Seals get to go play GI Urban Assault Joe and shoot like crazy up there. Usually at night cause jeeze we like to shoot people at night don't we? I've even seen those yucky silent huge ass helicopters fly in a formation over campus housing a few times. Gotta love big brother.

Tonight isn't just assault riffle rounds, it's bomb blasts. I would appreciate it if they leave the bombing out of it.

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