I touched one of those today!!! I am in awe.

I have been in a teacher institute at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the past week. For those that do not know. MBA is just about the best aquarium in the world and it's right in my back yard. It's actually turning 20 next year. I was given the opportunity to participate in this institute for Pre-K to 2nd grade teachers. It was a week long, all day long program geared towards teaching science in your classroom, specifically marine, life, and conservation. It was an exhausting albeit wonderful week. They Aquarium was overly generous in supplying us with supplies, books, cds, food, and stipends for even being involved in the program. Then they pair you with an Aquarium educator buddy who comes to your class three times to work with your kids in science. Then you have a field trip. Excellent.

We took a behind the scenes of the Aquarium tour today and I touched a Moon Jelly. It was magic.

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