Would You Want this Woman to be Your President?

I don't. Here's why:

1. She supports opening the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to drilling.

Funny how her husband works for BP.

2. She is opposed to the decision to list polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because she thinks it'll hurt the state's economy.

Yeah, because it's good to make money off of douchebags who get their jollies off on shooting endangered animals.

3. She is anti-choice.

As my religion coordinator said in a conversation with me yesterday, "We all are pro-life. Who wakes up in the morning saying, 'I want to kill babies today'?. But who am I to say what another woman can or cannot do to her own body?"

I agree with her. I also agree with what Obama said in his speech about abortion and birth control.

We may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country.

I mean seriously people, I don't understand why Republicans can lump birth control in with abortion and think that it's ok to deny a woman control over her fertility. That is outrageous. Oh it's killing babies. How is it killing a baby? That egg isn't a baby. And I'm here to tell you that not all eggs equal babies in the end anyway. I've released eggs for years, even up to five or more once, and no baby in sight.

When will people get their heads out of their asses and realize that teaching abstinence doesn't work? I went to all-girls Catholic high school and we weren't taught abstinence. We were taught about birth control.

4. She thinks Creationism should be taught in schools.

But Jennifer, you teach at a school that talks about Creationism... Yep I do, but it's a Catholic school. I strongly believe in the separation of church and state, nothing good comes out of religion having a strong hold on the government (hello Spanish Inquisition anyone?). If you want your child to learn about God and Jesus, read the bible, pray as a group, etc., send them to a Catholic or Christian school. Don't put your demands on public schools where you have folks of all different faiths attending. That's not fair to any of them.

I should also add that at my Catholic school we teach about....wait for it...evolution! Myself and the religion coordinator follow our Catholic faith traditions and teach about the history and translations of the bible, and encourage questioning the establishment.

5. She's been governor for a little over a year, to a state that has 670,053 people.

My county has 410,206 people for goodness sakes. One good thing about that is at least McCain can stop criticizing Obama over his experience. He can also stop the too young thing too while he's at it.

6. McCain doesn't even know this broad. He's met her once.

One meeting and he thinks she'd be perfect to take over when his 72 year old ass keels over? Guess he thinks he's right as rain and or having another former beauty queen next to him was enough of a draw.

My former polar bear hating Republican parent would be falling all over himself over this one.

Clicky here for a reminder of that dude.


manatee said...

That woman scares me too. It's terrifying to imagine being a heartbeat away from Pres. Palin (the heartbeat of a 72 year old man who's already had four bouts with cancer, no less.) What was he thinking? Was it a rash decision in a moment of rage??

Susan said...

Oh yeah,and Obama has loads of experience himself Ha! A whopping 2 1/2 years in the senate makes him perfectly apt to lead our nation- RIGHT.

How about his religious history and his flip flopping on nearly every major issue out there...

Ann Marie said...

This is truly an excellent post. I wasn't planning on voting for McCain, but his vp choice really fired me up to campaign for Obama to all the other independents I know.

Jennifer said...

Bwahahaha and here come the right wingers. I love it. You people make me giggle.

I used to be a conservative too. I registered Republican as soon as I turned 18. I even voted for Bush senior. You know what made me change my mind? College. After voting Republican (I never voted for GW though) for 12 years I made the switch and never looked back.

dulcinea7749 said...

Roman Catholics believe in theistic evolution, NOT creationism. Completely different, except for God being involved in both. And I say this as a lapsed Catholic with 16 years of Catholic school who wishes that all Roman Catholics realized that we do believe in evolution! we like it!

And i completely agree with you on the birth control issue!

Amber said...

Everyone looks at the experience issue, but do you realize that Presidents have whole cabinets of people that help him/her to make any decisions. How many decisions do you think a president makes on his/her own without consulting several people?

In addition to being over 45 to be the President, I also think that there should be a limit. No one over the retirement age should be able to run for president.

Are 72 year olds really forward thinking to help younger generations?


emilythehopeless said...

terrifying.. seriously.

Serendipite said...

Let's not forget her Sex-Ed policy of teaching only abstinence - that totally worked for her 17 year old daughter....