C Cup Without a Boob Job

This is an aspect of pregnancy I am loving! Now keep in mind I'm one of those late bloomer girls, the one in 8th grade who was as flat as a board and used to have boys come up to her and say,"Hey, have you heard the joke that makes you flat? Oh you already have...". Yeah, that was always fun.

I was thrilled to pieces when I eventually grew to a B cup. But here I am, in a C and almost out of that! I about cried when I went bra shopping yesterday. I tried on 6 or 7 of them. The sales girl was pissed I only bought one but I explained to her that these were pregnant boobs that just might grow more. She was kind of a bitch though and wasn't very understanding.

Alex, while not a boob man is enjoying the spoils of war as well. Now I just have to hope these puppies stick around for a while and don't disappear or sag too much once breast feeding is over.

I love you boobs!


Becky said...

This post totally made me laugh! I too can't belive how big my boobs have gotten, i'm in a full c now too! I am trying to hold off for a few more weeks to get some new ones. I think that will be my 2nd trimester gift to my self!!
and boo on the sales clerk for her crappy attitude!

May T said...

LMAO. Where are the )*^(^$*%# belly pics!?

jessica said...

::high fives!!!::

Rebecca said...

Lucky you! I stayed an A cup my whole pregnancy and made it to B when my milk came in. Now I have one boob that is a B and one that is back to an A. WTF! The joys of breastfeeding.