Take that "Advanced Maternal Age!"

I just got a call from the genetic counselor from Stanford with my NT scan results. My chances for Trisomy 21 (Downs) was 1 in 3761, less than someone under the age of 20 she said! My chances for Trisomy 13 or 18 were 1/6901. I am beyond thrilled. No amnio for me. Of course she recommended I continue with the sequential screening, which I will do, but it looks like we are doing pretty well in that department.

I also had my second midwife appointment yesterday. I worked with the other one this time, although I met her at my first appointment and she's the one who did my ultrasound. I asked her about my concern over my NT report and the note that said: "cord insertion is within 2 cm of upper placental margin. To be confirmed later in pregnancy". I researched this and it seems I may have a marginal insertion (battledore insertion). This, of course, freaked me out when I Googled, especially considering automatic C-section was mentioned more than one and"hemorrhaging".

Lenore, was very assuring, however, and told me that it was too early to say for sure and even if it was a battledore insertion it wasn't a big deal. I could still have the natural birth I am wanting. Awesome. Maybe it's the difference between an OB and a MW. I've noticed they are very easy going about everything and are not quick to be bothered about anything. I like that. It's calming for me.

She checked the heart rate yesterday and was able to find it pretty quick. Baby's heart was loud and beating strong at 160 bpm.

My next appointment is on January 16th and then I have to go back two weeks later for my "Big Ultrasound" at 20 weeks on February 12. They won't do it any earlier. Boo, I hate waiting. I'm not good at it.


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I am so happy for you!!

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I'm so glad everything is going along well!! :) Feb will be here before you know it for that big u/s!