One Down, Two to Go

Today I officially leave the first trimester. I never thought I'd get here and feared every day that the worst would happen. Even though I know no one is completely out of the woods until birth (heck how about ever?) I'm starting to let myself relax a little bit and feel a bit more secure in my pregnancy. Maybe I will get to have a baby in July.


Becky said...

Lucky you! i've been so sick this last week i can't imagine what i'll do if this goes on my whole pregnancy!! Ugh, but congratulations!

Lauren said...


Monterey Mommie said...

Jen - I am so excited for you. I have shared your blog with a co-worker who has gone through what you have - twice. I witnessed the initial excitement, the many failures and the tears. BUT - she has two miracle children now and she is sooooo very happy for you because she knows first hand what you've been through. Love you -