I Should Expect This Sort of Thing

After all, nothing has ever come easy.

I checked my phone after work to get my confirmation for my ultrasound tomorrow. Instead I got a cancellation. Apparently the ultrasound tech isn't going to be there. They also notified me that I have been rescheduled for Tuesday at 4pm. Nice.

So as a result I've been crying my fool head off for about an hour. I call Alex and I cry, I call my mom and I cry. I am so upset and disappointed. I feel like my big opportunity to meet my baby has been snatched away and all my exciting plans I had for Thursday through Sunday, shit on.

Alex is pretty mad too. He probably isn't mad enough to drive me to San Jose to go to one of those 3D/4D imaging places tomorrow since I got the afternoon off anyway. It's only $80. I'm hoping I can convince him.

And yes, I realize how ridiculous it is to be so upset after all we've been through, but shit, I am.


Miranda said...

I think it's totally okay for you to be upset about this, and if I already had weekend plans regarding knowing the sex, I'd drive to one of the 3D/4D places, too. Good luck, chrys!

Stephanie said...

Oh what suckage that they cancelled on you! I would be so upset too! :(