My Husband Really Loves Me

I have to brag on my husband for a moment.

At our valentine's day dinner he gave me the most awesome present. He's sending me and Megan (MayT) to Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa in Sausilito for a long spa weekend. It's some special pregnancy spa package. I can't believe he did this for me, let alone think of it in the first place. It's so unbelievably thoughtful.

Alex of course joked it was part valentine's present and part "push present" since we were cracking up over the concept a couple weeks ago. Silly man.


Mari said...

Wow, Chrys! Alex did a great job!!!

Of course, I am UBER jealous of your awesome present. But I still have place in my heart to be totally happy for you! (LOL) Oh, and of course, you get to spend the weekend with Ms. MayT! Way to go, Alex!!!

Have a great time!!!

Miranda said...

I totally dropped the hint about a push present the other night. I don't know if the husband actually got the hint, though. Sounds like Alex did a great job for Valentine's Day! Enjoy the spa trip!