Psychic or Not?

I have a parent of one of my students who supposedly has some sort of psychic intuition. I've heard some interesting stories of things she has said to other people/teachers that support that. She also doesn't talk about it so it's not like she's telling everyone's fortune or anything like that. Nor has she ever mentioned anything about it to me.

A couple weeks ago we had an IEP meeting for her daughter and afterwards we were talking about the baby. She asked me if I knew what it was. I said no I'd find out in a couple weeks. She blurts out, "I know". But then wouldn't tell me anything else.

On Thursday her daughter asks me if I know what the baby is yet. I tell her that no, I'll find out in a week. I asked her what she thought it was. "My mom says it's a girl".

Ah ha! We'll see if she's right.

So what do you all think? Shall we take bets?

Can you tell waiting is killing me?


k8ybug said...

I'm not great at guessing the sex, but I've been getting a girl vibe

Miranda said...

I've been saying girl from the day you announced your BFP! It's a girl!

Barb said...

I want to say girl, but I think it's everything about your blog's personality lol

She's got a 1 in 2 chance. Let's see if she can predict the baby's weight, length, and if he/she will have a full head of hair. ;)

Good-luck at your u/s!

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure why but I'm totally getting a boy vibe. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

JackiJaguar said...

I vote that she knows. Do I think I know? Absolutely not! I referred to my son as "she" for weeks and weeks :)

SCBride2007 said...

I'm on the boat with Barb-- she's got a 50% chance of being correct. I'd be impressed if she could guess the exact weight and day of delivery... maybe you should ask her if she turns out to be right about this! :) Good luck next week. I'm thinking girl for you as well. Then again, maybe that's because I'm thinking girl for me. Who knows!

Alicia said...

Where are the pictures???