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I've been remiss at updating. So much has been going on that even the idea of updating tired me out, but here goes.

Spa Trip

Megan and I had our spa trip that Alex bought for me a couple weeks ago. It was pretty damn awesome despite the rain and cold of Sausalito. The first day there we had foot and hand massages and the second day we had full body massages. Because it was a pregnancy package they had special foam things so I could lay face down without laying on my belly. That was kind of weird but the massage was great. We also were given meals which was nice.

We found this super fun store that had kick ass goodies. We saw this gum that would be perfect for all our 606 girls.

All that was missing was tuna flavored mermaid gum.

The next day we wandered about Haight-Ashbury before heading home. All in all it was a great get-away and I was glad to share it with May.


Sadly, we had to make the decision to put Tristan to sleep the following Saturday. He was with us for an extra week longer than we thought we'd have. The night before I was to bring him in, he was playing, eating, and being completely lovable. It was if he was normal despite having a growing tumor on his spine.

Each day we'd spend tons of time with him, playing among the sheets and comforter (his favorite place to play). Sometimes he'd drag one of his hind legs around, sometimes he wouldn't. He didn't seem to mind and continued cuddling with us and bruxing every time we'd talk to him.

However, the sore on his tail just kept looking worse, even with constant medicating, and soon he drug his leg all the time.

My poor, sweet boy. I hated having to make that decision and signing that paper. Most of my rats have passed at home as I've held them and that has been strangely comforting, knowing that they went when it was their time and knowing I was with them. I just couldn't go in the back with Tristan though. I just can't see it being done to them. It breaks my heart.

So now I have a rat free home and it kills me. I've had rats for the past seven years and my house seems empty without them. I keep expecting to look at the empty cage and see an excited fuzzbutt looking back at me hoping I had a treat or waiting for me to take them out and give them scritches. It's just not right and I have a hole in my heart.

I can't get any new babies right now, though. I couldn't put them through a likely move and a new baby. So, I'll just have to wait.


Grrr. I'm still bitter and pissed over the whole thing. It doesn't help my attitude in the least especially when I'm so freaking exhausted all the time. Good thing I have a great group of kids this year.


My friend Ed came into town for an uber brief visit. He's lived in NYC for years and the last time I saw him was at my 5 year vow renewal for my first marriage (yeah, that was me trying to save the disaster). Alex finally got to meet the famous "Eddie" on St Patrick's Day when we met up, at all places, a Mexican restaurant. We were even "entertained" by a 8 piece bagpipe group. Ed even got to feel Sebastian kick him, though I think it creeped him out a bit.

Anyway it was great to see Ed, albeit brief. He seemed to be doing great and looked the best I'd seen him.

Ed looking nice, me looking like crap.


I have been asked for belly pics so here is the latest at 26 weeks, a week ago. I stopped doing the every week thing because I've just gotten too tired and lazy to deal with taking them. This pic really does my belly no justice. What you can't see is, instead of continuing to go out (which I have a little) I have widened significantly. Baby boy is making me expand in all directions.

At my 25w midwife appointment I was told that by the next time she saw me I'd be doubled in size. Holy crap! Sebastian is measuring big, now she says I'm measuring big. I'm only 27 weeks and I already feel like a moose. All those maternity clothes with the "Purchase your pre-pregnancy size" labels are liars! My size smalls don't fit anymore. My size mediums barely fit. I'm heading into large territory (I'm already wearing some) and it's not just the boobs. I can't wait for school to be out so I can sit around in sweats all day.

We've also started our Bradley Method classes. Our instructor is awesome. She's giving us private lessons and is a military wife who has had two natural births. Both Alex and I are really enjoying her class and her style. It's so ironic how the class focuses so much on relaxation when that is something that is a huge hurdle for me. I have a very hard time relaxing ever so I hope that with this class and with Alex's help, I can do it.

Next up, gestational diabetes test in two weeks and our first hospital tour. We'll see what we think of Sutter. I'd also like to tour Dominican the same day but I don't know if that would be possible. Third tri and its reality is scary!


Addykins said...

Please Please Please can you post your next belly pic while wearing just a bra? TIA!!! You look gorgeous babe and I am so jealous of the May Spa Day!!

PregnantPeeper said...

Gah! I literally live 4 blocks south of Haight on Masonic. Bummer.