Enjoying Easter While Resembling an Easter Egg...

...is not what it's cracked up to be.

Yeah, I know, bad pun.

28 Weeks, 4 days.

I wish I looked decent. I seem to hate all pictures of myself lately.

Today my mom and I went to Mass at our old church today because it was closer to where my grandmother lives. It wasn't a good idea. We realized how much we really can't stand the whole join hands, guitar playing, untraditional Mass they have going there. We should have just driven farther and gone to our normal church which is pretty traditional and, dare I say uptight. I do love it though.

We also couldn't stand that the music director, while super enthusiastic about what she was doing and the music, was a terrible singer, singing off key and flat at most times. It was terrible. Why would you hire someone like that?

Anyway, after Mass we went to have lunch with my Grammy at her new assisted living place. Thank God it finally opened up and we were able to get her out of the "hell hole" as she calls it. The dining room doesn't seat very many people so only my mom and I went. Alex doesn't do the Easter thing anyway. It was nice to visit her for a while since I hadn't been able to for a month, though I was super tired at the end of the visit.

Apparently I look huge to everyone else, not just myself (giant easter egg anyone?)because when one of the nurses asked me when I was due she couldn't believe it. "Really!? I thought you were farther along. Do you have two in there? Are you sure?" Then she had one of the other nurses guess how far along I was. *sigh*

Two days earlier my mom and I went to BabiesRUs so I could show her the stuff I put on the registry. She couldn't find them by herself previously. At check-out the checker dude says in a super perky way, "Hope you have the baby soon!". Ummm I don't and I told him so. "Oh, well in a month then?" Not then either.

People know how to make a girl feel good.


E_Sharp said...

Bah. People are idiots.
FWIW, I think you look awesome. You're all belly!

Becky said...

i love the yellow, you would match my nursery so well! You look so cute with your grandmother, your so lucky to still have her around!

Very cute pictures!

Serendipite said...

You look beautiful!!! Don't let anyone tell you different!

SFNewzGirl said...

People ARE idiots, espeically when it comes to pregnant women for some reason. Whatever. I think you look great!

SAHM said...

You are a gorgeous, perfectly-sized pregnant woman, and don't you forget it! Everything your body is doing it's doing for your baby -- I gained 45 lbs by the end of my pregnancy, and it was worth every thoughtless comment to have my baby boy be healthy. I know you know this, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. ;-)


Rebecca said...

Aww I think you look great. People were always staring at me and telling me how huge I was too. So freaking annoying.

Buena said...

i think you look beautiful!

Mrs. Lexi said...

Aw I think you look adorable!

JackiJaguar said...

You look amazing. I'm right on board with you about not being able to find any pics of myself that I like lately. I attribute most of that to my second chin. I think when someone asks if you're carrying more than one, you should sweetly respond that it's just one and happily hold up your middle finger to emphasize one.