Sebastian at One Week

To My Beloved Son on his One Week Birthday,

Sebastian, I cannot believe it's been a week since you entered our lives and I first got to hold you in my arms. It was that moment, at 12:42, where I felt this overwhelming, instant love for you. I didn't expect it to be like that, but there you were so perfect and beautiful, and you were mine.

The first week has gone so very fast, a sign of how things will be, I know. Time is fleeting especially when you are with those you love. The first day we were home together you and I were resting in bed together. You were nestled in the crook of my arm, breathing your sweet breath on me and all I could do was stroke your gorgeous head and cry. If only you could be tiny forever so I could carry you with me where ever I went for the rest of my life. Pretty silly idea, huh?

Not too silly I guess when the physical you is even more magical than the idea of you I carried with me for 40 weeks and 2 days.

One of my good friends says the love I have for you will get stronger and stronger. How can that be knowing how I feel now when I hold your tiny hand, kiss your velvety head, or stroke your soft cheek. Surely I'll burst.

So, my beautiful boy, what will the next 40 weeks bring, the next 40 years? There is so much I wish and hope for you. I wish you have a life of love, laughter, and happiness, a life of peace and understanding of those around you. I wish you adventure and fulfillment. Because I know pain is inevitable, I wish you only sadness you can withstand and that which makes you stronger. I hope for you to know that I love you more than life itself and always will.

Happy Birthday Lovey B.

Love, Mama

I have been trying to keep working on Sebastian's baby book but it can be very hard to find time when I'm feeding him and holding him so much. There is a section where Alex and I write letters to Sebastian. I guess we were supposed to write them before his arrival but I lag and so I wrote it last night around 30 min before his 1 week birthday. I think I may just start a tradition and write him one every year for him to read when he's older. Yeah, I'm a sap.

We had a lazy week of just getting to know each other, not that I felt like going out and about and being real active. My stitches are just now feeling tolerable. The beginning of the week was just torture on my crotch and it was so hard to be able to get out of bed and move around to do things.

Today I had a bleeding scare and we were requested to rush into the MWs. After an ultrasound and exam (ouch!!) it was decided that I probably just had some big clots starting to come out. Reassuring, yet still scary.

Breastfeeding has been going well. Sebastian is a big boob man and would stay happily latched on 24/7 if he could. We have been co-sleeping in bed together from the beginning in order to save our sanity and so I can feed him on demand. Sleeping next to my sleeping, cuddly baby is just the best thing. He sleeps on his side towards me with his hands tucked under his head. This is how he laid inside of me and we even have an U/S with his hands like this. It just melts my heart.

He had his first at home bath on Wednesday. We video taped it and the poor little dear cried the whole time. He hated it. His cord fell off during filming which was pretty cool to get on tape. 5 days it fell off, amazing.

I cannot believe my precious little boy is already a week. Time is already flying and it so needs to slow down.

A rare moment in the hospital bassinet

Sleepy Baby

How he sleeps


The pirate side eye is already perfected


Mrs.Rotty said...

omgsh!!!! he's a freakingdorable! I'm so happy for you chrys! A million congrats!!! good job mama!

SCBride2007 said...

Chrys, Congratulations again! Your letter to him just melted my heart. I am so happy for you! He is absolutely gorgeous!

E_Sharp said...

He is absolutely perfect Chrys! Trent is only 2 months older than him, but seeing his pictures totally reminds me of Trent's first days home. It only gets better. Just wait till the smiling starts!

SFNewzGirl said...

He is beautiful. So sweet and content in his loving family. Major congrats!

Lindsay said...

Congratulations Chrys! Baby Sebastian is adorable! That letter is beautiful. It made me tear up. So happy for you!

koyn said...

Girlll, That baby is so yummy! He is beautiful and looks so happy.

Mari said...

I cried for so many reasons reading your post.

I am insanely happy for you. So happy that you are living this wonderful experience with your son. Just saying those words melt my heart. Your SON! Wow. He's here!

Your son is absolutely precious and perfect. congratulations again, mama!!!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

May T said...


jessica said...

motherhood just does something to your soul. i never thought i could love someone the way i feel for ben. i just look at him and my heart just aches.

you are doing a great job. he looks wonderful! enjoy these little moments you share- they do grow so fast. soon, i'll be going to college with ben, he won't mind... i think. :)


H and T said...

He is just perfect. Perfect, I tell you.

Enjoy every moment. :)

Miriam said...

HUGE Congrats - he is gorgeous! Take all the moments you can to snuggle and have him sleep on you - it goes by ridiculously fast, and it's not long before they outgrow that nook under your chin!

Mae said...

He is too cute! Congrats!