Sebastian at Four Weeks

Another week has passed. Oh how the time has flown.

We had a social week. My wonderful friend Alicia is in town for a few weeks. She has been teaching in Kiev, oh so far away. The last time I saw her was last Christmas. That trip I was pregnant. This trip Sebastian is an outside baby and she is engaged. We spent a couple days shopping and hanging out. Wednesday we went up to San Jose to David's Bridal so Alicia could try on dresses. Poor Sebastian started to cry in the car and it was so heartbreaking because we were on Highway 17 where you cannot pull over. I had to try and soothe him with a pacifier (no go) rather than a boob. Oh man those baby tears streaming down made me so sad.

He did great in David's and hung out in the Moby most of the time. Alicia's consultant even took a picture of him with my camera because she thought he was so cute. He was sleeping as usual.

On another note, Alicia tried on a fantastic dress. Hopefully she decides to get it because she looked absolutely gorgeous. I'd post a pic but you never know who might be reading this ;)

This week has also been a bit frustrating for all of us. Poor little guy is going through a growth spurt and has been pretty fussy. Yesterday, Sebastian was on the boob all day and crying like crazy if he wasn't. He'd root around so I'd feed him. He'd pull off and nap for five minutes and then scream because he was hungry and it would start all over again. My poor boobs could hardly take it. Growth spurt = unhappy boobs.

Alex and I tried all sorts of things, shower, gripe water, bouncing, rocking... Finally to give my boobs a break we tried Sebastian's first bottle of expressed milk. At first he didn't take it but later, when Alex tried again, he did.

I sat like an ass crying. I want him to be able to take bottles from Alex, plus it would help me when he wants to nurse 24/7, however, I didn't expect to feel so sad about it. There he was, sucking away making his sweet little cooing sounds he makes when he breastfeeds and it killed me.

Alex was crying because I was. We were a mess.

Tonight, when we were changing Sebastian after a vomitapalooza, I put one of his Lamaze rattles on his arm for the first time. Oh my goodness he loved it. He just stared and stared at it and then started shaking his arm a bit.

He also showed love to his ducky this week which we captured in some super cute pics.

Nom, Nom, Nom

We have a busy weekend coming up with grocery day on Saturday and Sebastian's baptism on Sunday. I hope his growth spurt calms and he is a calm boy for church.

Here is some other random Sebastian cuteness.

After a shower with Daddy

Fluffy butt cuteness

Snuggling with Momma


Mari said...


It's SO unbelievable how fast time passes. Your baby boy is just adorable!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Oh he is just soo cute.

poopoopoo said...

I'm so glad he likes that ducky!!! Like mama like baby... I thought it might be a hit.

Eve and Milo's Mom said...

He is so handsome.

Where did you get that adorable diaper?