Sebastian at Three Weeks

Oh my goodness, my sweetheart is three weeks old today. Time is flying by and I don't like it.

This week was a week of changes for Sebastian. It was as if he woke up out of his newborn fog and has been much more active and awake.

Playing with daddy

This would also include more crankiness as well. I think the poor little guy just has gas issues. In fact he has graced us with poop, pee, and vomit showers. Ahhh parenthood. Luckily, he loves taking showers with daddy which is where he ends up after the bad episodes. A clean baby is a snuggy baby. He continues being my snuggle bug which I adore.

At the beginning of the week my mom came over and we walked about a mile. Sebastian came along in the Moby and we stopped at a park along the way. We even spent a few minutes on the swings. Sebastian didn't seem to be too excited and slept the whole time.

He looks so small in this picture but in reality he is not. We measured him last night and he was 23 inches! Two inches up from birth. Who knows how much he weighs but he is growing out of some of his clothes including his cloth prefolds. Yikes!

He is amazing with holding his head up. We had his first tummy time (bad mommy not taking any pics) and he kept working his neck. Of course he's been great with that since birth.

We also had a nice visit from my great friend Jennifer and her daughter Scarlett. They brought Sebastian a duck lovey and he took it out to visit Grandma today. It made a good pillow.

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poopoopoo said...

Scarlett just loves her future prom date!