Sebastian at Eight Weeks

You may have noticed we missed a week, Sebastian at seven weeks, and to be honest there wasn't anything to write about. We packed and when we were done with that packing, we packed some more. Sadly the packing extended into Sebastian's next week which I'm sure wasn't fun for him and certainly wasn't for us. In fact I'm fairly certain it was hellish all around. My mom helped us yet again but it still was very difficult for me to get anything done.

I wore my Moby every now and again when Sebastian would freak out and refuse to sleep. This night he would go to sleep only to wake up as soon as we put him down. We both are as frazzled as we look in this pic.

He has taken to facing outward in the Moby. I know he is a bit young for it but has great head control to do so (ok, obviously not while sleeping) we face him outward every now and again. He loves being able to see everything.

Eventually moving day (Monday) came and we pulled an all-nighter getting everything in the truck. I purged a lot of stuff because it just wouldn't fit and much of it I didn't need anyway. How did I accumulate so much crap?

The apartment was so cold and empty and the only stick of furniture available to sit on was an old chair we were going to be dumping. My mom ended up having to sit with Sebastian in this lone chair while he slept.

And then, at 6 am, it was time to say goodbye to Alex and head off to my mom's house. This was sad all around. I hate having to be separated from him and hate that Sebastian has to be too. Sebastian gave his daddy tons of smiles as he put us in the car which made us all cry.

It's been tough going at Gramma's but getting easier. Sebastian has had some moments where he cries and cries, so much so he stops breathing. One day, as I was trying to repaint the apartment, he wouldn't even let my mom hold him. He would freak out if I wasn't holding him. I think he thought I was going to disappear like daddy. I understand his sadness. He's away from the only home he knows and away from all of his stuff and his daddy. We have a couple more weeks so hopefully things will get better.

Other Sebastian cuteness

Oooh let's wag our fingers at all the no no's in this picture. Baby sleeping in an adult bed, check. With blankets and pillows, check. On his tummy, check. Super happy, comfy, napping baby, double check.

Happiness is discovering you and your baby have matching socks.

I love you too, Sebastian!

Moving is no fun.


SFNewzGirl said...

I hope the moving process is getting better. What a big task to take on with a newborn! By the way, don't know if you saw my post, our breech baby turned! Update on my blog http://sfnewzgirl.wordpress.com

Dorian said...

Hopefully Sebastian is adjusting a bit better now - if he starts crying so much that he's not breathing again, blow in his face! That usually does the trick and makes them take a breath again :-). -bumpie aldyn