Sebastian at Five Weeks

Where has this week gone? To be honest when I think back on what we've done I can't think of much.

Saturday was our usual shopping day.

Sunday was the baptism.

Monday we had his one month pictures taken.

Tuesday ?

Wednesday we went up to the Santa Cruz courthouse to get Sebastian's birth certificate from the county recorder. We were taking a chance on that since they wouldn't tell me if it was ready over the phone. Luckily it was there just not scanned. After I mentioned that we were in a time crunch due to moving they scanned it and made our copies. That was super nice of them.

Thursday ?

Friday, today, we took care of getting Sebastian's passport. Getting passport pics of an infant sucks! Thankfully the photographer chick was patient. She did visibly wilt when I asked for baby passport pics though, poor thing. It was also awkward filling out the paperwork. Hair...uhhh I think it's mostly blondish. Eyes...well they are grey at the moment. Anyway, that is done and now we wait. When he and I move is really dependant on the passport's arrival.

So that leaves us with two major bits of paperwork down (birth certificate and passport) and one to go (Canadian Born Abroad certificate). The later cannot be applied for until we get his passport so we may have to wait until we get to Canada.

My permanent residence card paperwork will also have to wait especially since it'll cost over a grand to get. So much paperwork! Ahhhhh!

One thing that has been cracking me up lately is Sebastian's love affair with my boobs. Now, obviously all breastfed babies love their mom's boobs but mine literally seem like his best friends. He'll pop off and rub his face all over them with this funny smile on his face. Then he'll use my boob as a pillow, sticking the nipple in his eye and happily drift off to sleep. I'm sorry it's not something I can show you. Alex and I just watch him and laugh.

He also likes to kick, specifically with his right foot. I've come to realize that this is what he would do when he was an inside baby. Every night I would get pummeled as his foot scraped along the inside of my ute, so hard I'd feel bruised. Well he does the same thing now as an outside baby. If it's 10-12pm he's fussy and kicking.

Silly little boy.

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