Baptism and Reaching a Month Old

Sunday was Sebastian's baptism day. Sadly the night before was a terrible one. He was up until 2am crying. We tried everything and I ended up swaddling him to get him to calm down. Actually, following The Happiest Baby on the Block's 5 S's worked. Needless to say we were sleepy on Sunday.

The baptism went great and was very special. Sebastian pretty much slept through the whole thing though he did nurse once during the service. He didn't even seem to mind the water being poured on his head. A little girl also being baptised screamed through the whole thing. Her parents looked mortified.

My fantastic, picture crazy cousin Kristin took pictures for us and was quite the paparazzi.

Nursing power! Proof I will feed my son anywhere

Me with my mom (Sebastian's Godmother)and Deacon Nick who performed the baptism.

Afterward we had cake and coffee at my grandmother's home. It was a nice time to spend with family.

My cousin Kristin's kids, Hunter and Taylor with Sebastian

My small family minus one cousin and her two kids

Partying is hard work

It was a great day and I was excited to bring my son into the Church. I am really grateful that Alex okayed it even though he is a stalwart atheist. He knew how important it was to me and was supportive of it from afar. My mom was also thrilled to pieces to be godmother and I couldn't have picked a better one. We were the lone Catholics in my family and sometimes it was hard being the only ones. My mom was the biggest supporter of my faith journey and I'm happy she can do that for my son.

Today was Sebastian's first month birthday and I wanted to commemorate it with pics. I've decided to get pics taken each month and will have month one and two taken at JCPenneys. There are no JCP in Canada so I'll have to find a different photo studio once we are there.

The pictures turned out pretty good for studio portraits. Our photographer has been working at that JCP for 25 years so she obviously has some skill. They do go crazy on the up sell but I'm not into all the fancy stuff so I got out of there spending less than $100. Poor Sebastian, he had a hard time though. He woke up early and was hungry which equals cranky. With those shoots you have only ten minutes so I couldn't stop to feed him. We made it through though.


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hit up Sears Portrait Studio once you are settled in Canada.