BLW Update 3/8 - 3/21

We are starting to get into combinations of solids now rather than only individual ingredients such eggplant and pear and a piece of meat. The past two weeks Sebastian has enjoyed quite a few new recipes and seemed to like most all of them.

Again, hearts indicate favorites.

Greek salad
Tunafish casserole ♥
Ratatouille ♥
Corned beef and cabbage with potatoes ♥
Sesame seed bagel
Celery ♥
Egg salad sandwich
Veggie lasagna ♥

Yeah, Greek salad was not a hit. The lettuce was too hard for him to manage and it kept getting stuck to the roof of his mouth.

Sebastian much preferred his green bean. We steam a couple for 20 seconds in the microwave and he loves them.

Eating corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day

I've noticed that he is very aware of what he is eating in comparison to what we are eating and will get upset if what he is eating is different from what we are eating. For example, if we have grilled cheese and soup, he can have the grilled cheese but not the soup. I'll make him a vegetable in place of the soup but he doesn't like that it's different.


janineb said...

the same thing happens to me. I have to make sure we are eating the exact same thing, or K starts to freak out and wants what I have. She will steal food from my plate and I have to explain to her time and time again its the same as what is on her plate.

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

L is the same way! He loves soup tho. I scoop out the "fillings" he usually gets chicken & veggie or chicken noodle and then I take crusty bread or unsalted soda crackers and dip them in the broth. Its one of his favourite foods. And I find the veggies/chicken are super soft and a great size for him to manipulate.

He loved the corn beef and cabbage on St.Patty's day as well!

Married2MrWright said...

Thank you for your list...we plan to introduce solids to our baby with BLW later thsi summer and I am always curious to know what we might consider offering her. I don't want to biased and only offer her things that I like to eat...or avoid things I don't like to eat (like bell peppers). I want her to try everything and decide for herself.