We All Turn Into Our Mothers in the End

We always hear as little girls that you turn into your mother. You think as a teen that it will never happen to you but then one day, perhaps in your 30's or even earlier, you realize that yes, you have turned into your mother.

The transformation first happened with my voice. Sometimes I say things in a tone or manner that sound just like my mom. The horror! Even Alex would notice it. Then it spread to word usage. I catch myself using words my mom use and some of them are super annoying. It happens mostly when I'm talking to Sebastian. Ummm "stinky poo"? I hated that stupid phrase as a kid so why the hell am I using it with my son?

Voice and words aside the worst possible thing about turning into my mother happened and I just about wanted to die.

It happened one evening as I was picking up Sebastian's toys in the living room. I bent over in front of Alex and he says, "Your butt is starting to look like your mom's".

Instant. tears.

You see, my mom has always been a stick, like seriously 110 lbs and 5'8. While that seems like an awesome thing to some, it isn't. She has NO ASS, none. It's really tragic and even she doesn't like it much.

The sad thing is...he's right. Pre-pregnancy one of the things I really liked about my body was my bigger butt and now it's disappearing. I don't get it. How can having a baby make your nice butt go away? And it has, I checked in the mirror. My once firm butt has sagged.

So yes ladies, not only is loss of butt something they don't warn you about post pregnancy, it can be yet another example of how we all turn into our mothers in "the end".


Becky said...

I have to agree with you on this, unfortunently! I'm catching myself say things my mom used to as well, and i dont' like it. I'm also picking up on her nasty ness and side comments, and i don't like it. My husband has noticed too, so i really want to try and work on this. She lives 800 miles away so i only see her once a year, but she's coming for a visit in 5 weeks, yikes!

Anonymous said...

If I end up with my mom's butt, then I quit! I just do!
It's true, though. I've caught myself saying ridiculous things that my mom says that have always drove me crazy. For instance I actually said the phrase "try-it-on room" instead of "fitting room". I felt like I was watching the words float out of my mouth as I said them. God help me, I'm turning into her.

staciemarie said...

oh no! my mom's backside has gotten much much wider with age. Crap.

I would rather have the "no butt" gene.

JackiJaguar said...

I lost my butt and so did my sister. I think my butt shifted up to my stomach :( That's the spot on me that is still a bit thick.