And So it Was Done

Yesterday was a hard day.

My mother and I moved my grandpa into the home. The day previous he had stated that he would try the place out but if he didn't like it he would come back home. Yesterday after talking to him it seemed as though he was taking it as a vacation of sort...certainly not permanent. My crazy step grandma had convinced him he should live there with her and I guess he now believed so. He also told me that he was VERY unhappy with my two step uncles, how they were taking things out of the house. He couldn't "see so he couldn't really do anything about it."

So off we went to this place, my grandfather already crying as he left the house. We get there and my step grandma (sg) comes into the room. She didn't even acknowledge my mother and I and proceeded to drag my grandpa around the place and demanding that her sons bring more furniture to the home for his room, furniture that would take up more space and be in his way.

Maybe she's trying to trip him and make him fall down like she did before she hit him with the skillet. She would change the furniture around in the night, blocking his way with chairs.

She seemed rather worse for wear and that was very sad. It was sad that she ignored my mom and I. It was sad seeing two old people hug each other and my grandpa cry. He just sat there confused about the whole situation. According to him "It was the worst day of his life". My mom and I told him over and over that he would just have to say word one and we would get him out and take him home. *sigh* We'll just have to see what happens.

Then, when I got home, Alex and I got into a huge fight, our second ever. I can't take it when the other person runs away and refuses to talk it out. It frustrates me to no end. What is it about guys? They always pull the "fine then I'm leaving" crap until they realize you're crying your eyes out and then they wise up. I hate fighting...I did it too much in my marriage and I don't want to do it in this relationship. This one means too much to me to let it go that route.

Later we went to the tail end of a grad party for my friend Jenn and in the evening I went out with another grad friend Heather. I felt badly about missing their graduation but family stuff had to come first yesterday. The evening events were interesting. I should have gone out with Jenn most likely but the group I went out with was pretty fun but extremely hyper and I was not in that space. Things perked up a bit when we met up with one of the girl's roommates. He's the language lab head and I knew him from my ASL days at school. Cute! Anyway it was nice to chat with him because we had quite a bit in common, age, eurotrashness, and divorced (his was going to be final today). We weren't in the get trashed frame of mind so it was good to bond.

We ended up at Denny's *eye roll* How 1992! Hehe And played "I've Never"...and...I LOST. Go figure. I always do. But Gus came in a close second so we laughed over that.

Today was a fine day. Played with the ducks and went to a students b'day party. Happy 4th birthday Teagan :)

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