At the Salt Mines

My grandmother always used to call work the "salt mines". How did that phrase come about anyway? Are there even that many salt mines around? Somehow I don't think so.

Today is a usual school day except for the fact school is about over for many of their parents. It's finals weeks and the kids are reflections of that fact. Can you say CRAZY! It's also very cold today, a huge departure from my short stint in Florida last weekend. To think I actually cursed the heat...lol. My students went for a walk today to warm up, it was that cold.

Our class ducks are just over a week old and boy are they getting big. They are uber messy as well. I barely change their newspaper and they've got all of their water dumped out and have crapped everywhere. Good thing they're adorable. Some day I'll figure out if I can upload pictures to this thing (still getting the hang of lj and all).

I'm STILL working on the class DRDP's. I am so tired of all these assessments. I'd laugh in anyone's face who thinks all Pre-K teachers do is play with playdough and sit on the floor. Oh, if that was all my job consisted of it would be pretty kush.

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