This Week Just Gets Better and Better

In case people couldn't tell, I am being so sarcastic.

A while back my step grandma had a stroke and in turn became nutty. She tried to kill my blind and nearly deaf grandpa with a cast iron skillet. It took 4 officers to pull her off of him. It would sound amusing if it didn't happen to be my family. My step grandma ended up being sent to a home while my grandpa stayed on at the house with a live in helper, a wonderful woman. My step uncle however wanted my grandpa to be sent to the home while his mother stayed at the house. Both my mother and my aunt put their feet down and said no.

So, I get a hysterical call from my mom tonight (to add insult to injury with my current state of mind)saying my step uncle called her to say they were moving my grandpa to the home on SATURDAY!!! and selling the house, saying it's done. I am so upset I can't even describe it. Somehow he manipulated my grandpa into thinking he wanted to be put in this home even though not even a week ago he told my mother he didn't want to leave his house. Seems he took my grandpa to visit my heavily drugged grandma and made it seem all wonderful or something. Needless to say myself, my mother, my aunt and my cousins are livid.

First of all why would they even think to send a poor defenseless old man to a home with a nutty wife who already tried to kill him once and threatened to "straighten him out" on other numerous occasions? Secondly they will sell the house which for some reason was put into both my step grandmother and grandfathers names. This means the house will be split up 4 ways, my step-grandma's two sons and my grandpa's two daughters. This is so fucking unfair you can't even believe. My step grandma had her own house...which her oldest son currently lives in...rent free. If nothing from that house would ever go to my mom and aunt why in hell should my grandpas house (which my grandmother resided in before the divorce and in which my mother and aunt were raised) be split up between her sons too?

They're already moving crap out of the house. Funny how they tell us one day before the move...probably so we can't do anything about it. Alex is going over to talk to my grandpa tomorrow morning and my aunt and cousin are traveling down to go to the house with my mom. I don't get to go cause accreditation is showing up tomorrow. Of all days. Personally I could give a damn, my family is much more important than work.

Plus I burnt my hand to blistering by some steam on dinner. Isn't life grand? I swear when it rains it pours. I'm so sad and frustrated right now...

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