Today was a Good Day

So today was a good day.

I slept in, got to spend some time with my honey, played with duckies, and avoided some work but later returned to it.

Found something curious on my fridge calender...the one I haven't updated in ages...lol. Alex redid it last since I left it at March (it's a dry erase) with how busy I'd been. So on the bottom he had written 6/16-JP. Now what's that? My paranoid and curious self wonders if it means to be a reminder to propose to me. Like Jennifer Propose. 6/16 would be two years from the day we first met.

Of course I am most likely reading waaay to much into it. Just thinking about it made me peruse the net for wedding dresses as I do so often. Isn't that horrible? I just had by divorce finalized after 2 years of lag and I'm already planning a second one. To be honest I was planning with Alex almost from the get-go. We knew right away we were meant to be together. We started talking about getting married before we even met in person. Crazy.

The duckies were soo cute today. Yesterday Alex had made a pen out of cardboard and set it up in the dining room. We have a big plastic tub they swim in whenever they want and a ramp leading up to it. They are much quieter now than when they were in their little duck house. Of course that could be interpreted as not very quiet at all...lol Quackers especially lives up to his/her name and is super loud squeaking away. They really like to squeak when I leave the room. Too funny though to watch them swim away in the clear plastic tub and hear them go flap flap flap with wet feet on the floor. Tomorrow they go back to school and I'm sure they'll hate it. Poor duckies, cooped up in their cage again.

Like me at work sometimes...lol Just kidding ;)

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