Are You Going to Leave the House Looking Like That?

A tiara? Really? No really, seriously?

Tonight, graduation was too much. Apparently, merely looking like skanks in slutty dresses and prom hair was too boring for the 8th grade girls. Oh no, this year's class had to up the ante. This year, two girls wore tiaras. Oh yes, tiaras.

The last couple of years we've witnessed the downfall of modern feminine society (and lack of proper parenting) at our school. Parents have been actually allowing their daughters to wear some of the skimpiest dresses imaginable. Keep in mind they are 13/14 years old AND attending a Catholic school. Uh yeah.

As one of my coworkers said, "(name not included to protect the trashy) looked like a streetwalker. In fact, I think I saw someone just like her on Cops last week".

Now you might think we are too harsh and judgemental but au contraire mon frere, we are talking dresses like this:

Why on earth would mothers purchase these dresses for their daughters? Why would fathers allow their daughters to set foot out of the house looking like this? Do they just not care? Do they actually think it looks flattering or gives off a good impression? Do they just want to give in so they don't have to hear their girls whine about how everyone else gets to have a hoochie dress and have their hair in a updo complete with glitter spray and butterfly crystal clips? Why must we sexualize our girls so early?

They are freaking 8th graders! I didn't even wear that crap when I graduated from high school.

Listen up mothers of America, stop living vicariously through your daughters!

And hang up the tiaras while you are at it.


Callie said...

Amen to this! My SIL and her friends graduated high school this year and they all looked like street walkers.. it was very disturbing. They even completed the look with 4" hooker heels. My mom would have slapped me silly

kate said...

::raises glass:: Here, here! Well said.

Stephanie said...

Yikes! That is some crazy stuff they were wearing. I don't get it at all! I work with only up to 5th graders, and even some of them are getting a little trashy. It is really sad.

Nicole said...

I totally agree with the teeny boppers in skanky dresses!

Still, I needed to tell you I work with a woman who wears a tiara to work each and every day! She calls herself Queen Jean. She is a pediatric respiratory therapist. Yup, a tiara every single day!