WTF Moment of the Week

This was pulled off of two of the Nest boards this evening.

Natural=Spontaneous, Fertility treatments=Manmade!

From: Mr.F

Date: 6/10/2008 at 7:53 PMThis irks me to no end!~

Hello, if you and DH DTD and you conceived ( either a singleton or multiples ) it is a NATURALLY occuring pregnancy!!!

If, DH had to give his contribution in a cup to be *placed* by a 3rd party into your body, or in some cases, have his swimmers meet your eggie in a lab of all places IT IS MAN MADE! NOT A NATURAL PREGNANCY!!

I am VERY fertile!!!! Why can I not claim my ability to reproduce NATURALLY ( insert penis into vagina here ladies ) and claim that my multiples were made the old fashioned way!!!!

Broken, scorned women........maybe God never wanted you or your b roken DH's to carry on any lineage

Now I know this most likely is MUD (made up drama)but it doesn't make it any less hurtful, especially considering I've seen shite like this before and that there are people who really do think like this. It makes me sick.

As my mother says, If God didn't mean for IF people to have babies he wouldn't have had IVF even thought of or created. The embryos wouldn't even be created or survive. Way to go Mom.


Maria Luisa said...

Wow, just wow. I can't believe anyone would write that...

Even as MUD it is NOT funny at all...

FWIW, I agree with your mom, totally agree with her.

God has control of life. NO life could be created without his blessing. Any successful fertility treatments are successful because of HIS blessing, not because of a man in a lab.

It's sick that people feel that way, just as it would be sick to think that a person that is ill can't be helped in a hospital...

Blogger said...

OHHH WOW!!! I'm glad that I missed THIS!!

::virtual slap:: to that person!

Peachy said...

I missed that one. What a jerk. I agree that even if it is MUD, it still stings.