Clomid the "Magic" Pill

The lengths women go to get on Clomid is redamndiculous.

I am so tired of seeing the stupid chicks on the Nest boards whine and cry about how they want twins, or how they've been trying for three long months and need to get on Clomid right away. Girls "Ashley" their way into getting it, crying to their doctors and would you believe some doctors actually give it to them? Some OBs dispense it like it is candy.

It is not fun people!! It is a harsh, nasty drug that I would never wish anyone to take, seriously.

So today we have a prime example of Clomid douchbaggery:

Did I have the big O?

From: VioletFemmeOC

Date: 6/20/2008 at 11:17 AMStupid question here since I know not to focus too much on one temp...

I took 200mg clomid this month (pharmacy _fucked up, supposed to be only 150) and my temp jumped way high this morning. Take a look...

Clomid taken earlier make you o earlier right? I took it days 2-6.

So we call her on it. I and others tell her that it was incredibly stupid for her to take so much against doctors orders and that she can't play the "I didn't know card" because Clomid only comes in 50mg pills and 150mg = 3 pills. So then she comes up with this excuse.

From: VioletFemmeOC

Date: 6/20/2008 at 2:24 PM

Yeah I was stupid for taking the wrong dosage but I called my doctor after the second day of taking 200mg and he told me to continue. I took the last dose on Monday night and haven't had any pain thank God but yeah, that was dumb of me.

Hell yes, it was dumb, not to mention her doctor okayed it? WTF? What a fucking quack. No doctor worth his/her salt would okay someone to keep taking 200mg of Clomid like that. I mean I took 150mg and I was terribly overstimmed. I can't even imagine what 200mg would do to my body.

I tell her that she needs a new doctor stat and she responds:

From: VioletFemmeOC

Date: 6/20/2008 at 4:21 PM

Sorry ladies, I had to run to Ralph's. I've been thinking for quite some time to switch doctors, maybe this is the time to do it.


People like that make me want to scream. Oh well, it's not my ovaries.


jessica said...

Heh. She's stupid.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, it is pretty scary she could have an assload of follies in there right now. I agree...clomid is bad news. It fucked me up pretty bad on only 50mg! I am scared if they up my dosage to 100mg next time. :-x

May T said...

Whoa. And here I was.. feeling guilty for my 50mg.