Good To Know

My students are so funny sometimes.

I have one male student who asks me at least twice a week how I'm doing and how the baby is doing. It's quite endearing.

The other day I was walking the kids down to the spirit day game on the field and he and I were talking. He suddenly stops and says, "Wait so you were pregnant when we were on the boat?" (We went on a field trip on a tall ship and went sailing out in the bay). I said yes, I was. "Wow, so that was why you were eating those ginger cookies. How did you get through it?" I couldn't believe he actually paid enough attention to what I was doing and remembered it months later.

I then tell him that I was also pregnant when we went geocaching and hiked 10 1/2 miles. "Whoa. You know Ms. Jennifer, you're going to have an fit kid. You know why? You went sailing and hiking when you were pregnant and you'll go sailing and hiking after the baby is born." Then, off he goes.

So funny. So there you have it. No couch potato kid for me.


Barb said...

Aww that's too cute. He's going to make a good husband one day to some lucky girl. Sounds like he possibly has a crush on you. :) He seems to really watch what you are doing...and eating. lol

Miranda said...

Students can be so sweet sometimes! And then they can be really not sweet, too. On the day we got back from winter break, one of mine looked at me and said "Wow. Mrs. W. Christmas dinner was GOOD to you, wasn't it?" You could literally hear the air being sucked out of the room by the rest of the students.

JackiJaguar said...

You hiked 10 1/2 miles in your first tri??!!! I already had a lot of respect for you before, Chrys, but that respect has reached a new level. I pretty much laid on a couch and prayed for God to grant me some small degree of relief in my first tri. That's an impressive feat.

Nice to hear you have such a sweet student. They really can say the nicest things (which helps make up for the tougher parts of the job).

Serendipite said...

That's awesome! And good for you!