Oh Hospital, How Do I Love Thee. Let me Count the Ways.

Alex and I had our hospital tour last night. We really have two hospitals we can choose from so we decided to check out the one that seemed the more modern one first. We have a friend who just delivered there and could do nothing but rave about it.

Oh my goodness do I love it. Shall I list the ways?

-They are a "baby friendly" hospital. They advocate for breast feeding and have a lactation center and large staff to help you. They do not give bottles or pacifiers.

-They are natural birth friendly with tubs in 4 of the rooms and a tub in a separate tub room if you don't get a tub room. They also have birthing balls and a stool.

-They delay cord cutting on principal and encourage skin to skin contact 1-2hrs after birth. They won't take the baby from you or weigh/measure him or her until that time is up.

-The baby rooms with you 24hrs a day. If, on the off chance, the baby needs to leave the room, you may go too.

-24 hr room service. No kidding! You get hungry at 3am, they'll make it for you. They'll even make food for your husband/coaches and you get to choose from a huge menu.

-They want you to stay for at least two nights in order to make sure the baby is ok and you have established a good start at breastfeeding.

-Before you leave they treat you and your husband to a champagne dinner (sparkling cider if you ask for it). We saw one of these being wheeled past last night on a fancy table and everything.

-They won't make your child get the HepB. They also will delay the Vit K. shot and the eye goop for two hours (if we choose to get it and not waive it).

-They have fridges in each room, something that is important to me since my husband is a diabetic and needs his meds refrigerated.

I'm probably forgetting something but man, do I like this place. I registered last night and now we just keep on waiting.


staciemarie said...

that place sounds fantastic! Can I register there too? Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Can I have a do-over?

Chardonnay said...

Wow, that sounds amazing!

Serendipite said...

OMG that place sounds AMAZING! Oh and BTW, I am not Canadian ::crying::

JDG2007 said...

Um, ON may be "Yours to Discover" but the birthing units aren't sponsored by Hampton Inn oranything...lol that place sounds unreal.

True Companions Plus One? said...

That sounds awesome! I may have to move there to have our baby!

Jennifer said...

Just so you guys know this is in California, not Ontario. We won't move until after Sebastian is born.

Rebecca said...

That sounds great! Do they do VBAC? :)