"Can Haz Outside?"

Oh my goodness, sometimes I think this child is trying to pummel his way out. Since I only feel him on one side it's as if my insides are bruised. At least they feel this way. This cracks Alex up and he took great delight in telling me today, "Can haz outside?" It's amazing how sharp and pointy those little heels are because I think that's what I feel the most with an elbow jab thrown in here and there. It's also really odd feeling these body parts and being able to push on them a bit and feel them sink back into my belly, kind of like Jack drowning in Titanic. Heh.

So here I am in all my bare bellied 30 week glory. I feel huge and apparently I still look huge. Nothing like continuous comments to make a girl feel good. In fact, since I take these pics myself, I've realized that I can no longer get my big ass and belly in the same shot. I'm scared for what I'm going to look like in 10 weeks. Even Alex, who has been through two pregnancies with his ex-wife is amazed at my size. "Yeah, you're going to be huge". Thanks hun.

I also must take a moment to totally AW the most gorgeous shower invites that my fabulous friend, Megan and her husband made. Seriously, I could cry over how beautiful they are.

Ray did a kick ass job in designing these. They are some super talented people and I love them for making these so special for me. Thank you guys.


kim said...

I *love* the shower invite. It's gorgeous!

t.bird said...

those are adorable. i WANT!

May T said...

Tbird- just say the word ;)

Glad you like hunny buns.. I obsessed over them being absolutely perfect.. the entire time.. so I'm glad they were a success.

Love you.

Ariella said...

Your belly looks great!

Stephanie said...

Those are super cute invites!! I hope your shower was great. :) Your belly looks awesome. I remember feeling those pointy little appendages and wondering waht they were. It's amazing to look at those little feet and hands on the outside, knowing that they were the ones poking me. Sometimes I miss my belly and feeling them wiggle around in there. It's just so crazy to think there's a human being in there!

Mari said...

Chrys, First, I can't believe I didn't comment! Wow, I must have lost my mind!

I LOVE May's invite. I LOVE your belly. I can't believe you're so far along already! It seems like yesterday...

Anyway! I nominated you for a Sisterhood Award. I thought such an award was TOTALLY fitting for someone like you. You always made me feel at home, and part of the group, when I felt like an outsider. So, thank you. You, your sweet baby and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Visit my blog for more info! Lots of love! (mariluh.com)