Happy Freaking Earth Day

Disney needs to send me some Prozac for having to sit through Earth today, matter of fact so does my principal.

My whole school went to see the movie Earth today for Earth Day. What a fab idea, right? Heh...

Now I have to write a disclaimer stating that I hate animal movies. HATE them. I hate them because they are almost always depressing. This is also why I don't like watching Animal Planet. If I watch for more than an hour I am sure to be depressed.

I fully admit that I am a hypocrite. I'm not a vegetarian. I would be if I had to kill the animal myself, but since I don't I'll eat it, therefore I'm a hypocrite.

So there we are sitting in the theater and I know it's going to be bad. It's a nature movie so it's bound to be depressing. It's a Disney movie as well so you know someone is going to die. Yeah, Disney/nature combo equals a bad combination. The cinematography was fantastic but the storyline stunk.

*Here be spoilers...seriously if you want to be "surprised" don't read this*

I don't need to hear about or see multiple animals die. I know what happens in the wild. I don't need to see an elephant (I freaking love elephants) be gang killed and I don't need to hear about how a poor baby elephant they filmed wandering through Africa, was separated from his herd and momma, was going to die because he was following her trail the opposite way. I also really, really didn't need to follow the story of the father polar bear who fails to find food. Then after swimming hopelessly for two days tries again and again to weakly attack some walruses. After showing this they show said starving polar bear (which they remind you of again and again)practically dragging himself along the shore until he lies down to die.

You are freaking mother f'ers Disney! Here you market this movie as some happy sappy movie following three families (seriously the cute ducky part is like five minutes long if that). Where was the damn happiness, I'd like to know?

Happy freaking Earth Day. Prozac for all.

Ps. Sebastian wasn't liking it either. He was kicking like crazy through the whole thing.


Jill said...

and now I need to cry in a corner. Why does Disney hate baby animals?

Nikki1007 said...

Thanks for the review! I wanted to see it, but not anymore. I cannot sit and watch depressing animal movies. The previews make it look so cute and happy. Lies!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Thank you for posting this. DH said his kids loved the movie, but I had the same feelings you did on how it was going to turn out. And you proved me right. There's NO way I could watch that movie. Sad/depressing/dying animal movies/shows I can't take.

If DH still wants to watch it, he's on his own. Thank you again!

Rebecca said...

Ugggh I hate those animal movies too. We get it, nature is cruel. Speaking of Disney hating pregnant women, do not watch Wall-E while pregnant! I cried for a week.