Am I Really That Big?

Today after work I met Alex downtown at the farmer's market. While I was waiting for him I ran into an older theatre friend whom I hadn't seen for a while. She had heard I was pregnant so she was ooing and awing over my bump. "When are you due?" "July 1st, I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow", I told her.

I got the look. Then I got the second look. "Really?" I had to explain that no, there was only one in there.

Am I really that big?

On aother baby note, I was home sick from work on Monday. When I came back to work today the kids were all excited thinking I had my big U/S. "What is it? What is it?" I had to explain to them that I was merely in bed, sick all day.

One of the boys then says, "That must have been nice to spend all day with your baby". LOL It was quite cute.


SCBride2007 said...

I think you have a bigger bump than most women for 16 weeks, but you are definitely a *cute* big. Don't let others' comments drag you down. Just be excited that you've got that adorable bump with a baby in it! (Which I know you alreay are.) :)

Monterey Mommie said...

Don't be surprised if your little one comes early! They had Alicia's due date all over the place! I got so big -gained 60 lbs - they were going to induce labor and she came on her own the day before - weighing just 4 lbs, 13 oz. Who knew! Except I had an awful lot of ME to lose....yikes.

Alicia said...

Who was the friend...??? Lol

Jennifer said...

It was Connie Erickson. Jen had run into her a couple weeks earlier and told her I was pregnant.