My First Fluffy Mail

OMG so freaking soft and cute. This cloth diapering thing could be dangerous for sure. I can't wait until after my big U/S when I can go crazy purchasing covers. There are so many cute ones but they aren't very gender neutral.

On an additional note, I love my midwife, adore her.


Monterey Mommie said...

Any motion in your belly ocean?
Any butterflies in your Elvis pelvis?

Hiker - Kelly B said...

OMG, ever since we found out we're having a girl I've ordered at least a dozen new CDs in addition to the 24 KL0's I had. Just feeling that soft fuzzy fabric makes me almost freakishly excited to change diapers. :-)

t.bird said...

awwww- i like cute bums covered in fluffy cloth. ha!