The Mermaid is a Stalker

Megan and I had another lovely evening though both of us were pretty chill in comparison to our last dinner. We had another great dinner at The Crown, complete with sex in a dish (aka Sticky Toffee Pudding). Luckily, we headed out to dinner early because there's a major bike race at Laguna Seca this weekend so the whole Peninsula has been inundated with rice rockets and hogs. I mean they are *everywhere*. Try to control the urge to knock a whole row of them down like dominoes, it's almost impossible.

Our first mermaid sighting of the evening happened when we were in line for the bathroom. This is from a vintage cruise line poster that is pasted to the wall.

We were on our way to take a fab video of the XLERATOR.

If you have never encountered one of these hand drying beauties in a public bathroom, let me introduce you.

After dinner we decided to play black light mini golf. Surprisingly it was dead, whereas it's normally super crowded. Since we basically had the place to ourselves we got to be silly. We had a great time and for he most part kicked ass on most of the holes. I did much better than I usually do when I go with Alex but I think that's because he keeps score and is all anal over it.

Sadly you can't really tell the whole place is blacklight heaven, but trust me, it is.

May giving the turtle the porn star treatment.

Hammers give good head

May loves the shark

Jen is shark dental floss

Silly me totally forgot that there were mermaids crawling all over blacklight mini golf, so what did we have to do? Take pictures of and with them of course.

This baby mermaid is near the mommy mermaid. I think I'll call this one Harper.

Mermaids play mini golf too!

Afterwards both of us were tired so we hung out with the man at home and talked. Megan's got some scary ass ghost stories. It was another fun night.


Stephanie said...

Looks like a great evening! That hand dryer is the best. When I was on a family trip for a family reunion last summer there was one of those at this scary little gas station we stopped at, and my mom was putting it on our faces....too much fun in a scary small town gas station bathroom.

JackiJaguar said...

We have that hand dryer at the place where we have our inservice days! One of us sticks our face under it while the others dies laughing. I'm glad you guys had a great time and I lurv the merm shots!

Maria Luisa said...

That's awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast...

The Xlerator looks like it could cause bodily harm, though!


Very happy for you!

May T said...

It was a blast. I was in pain so the relaxing evening was just what I needed. I really need to stop getting lost on the way home, though..lol. I didn't get home til about 2am.
I <3 Jen

jessica said...

looks like you had fun!