Time to go back to School

For John McCain that is.

This morning, on Good Morning America, McCain made yet another gaffe. This time it was on shared borders. According to McCain, Pakistan and Iraq share a border. Ummmm no. Maybe he was busy hanging out with Miss South Carolina because she seems just as clueless.

Perhaps he needs a refresher in geography as Iraq is two countries away from Pakistan. Baghdad, the capital of Iraq is over 1,500 miles from Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad. Funny how those pesky countries Afghanistan and Iran are in the way.

Map courtesy of ThinkProgress

I think we should make all presidential candidates take a history and geography quiz. Seriously, I'm done with the idiot parade.


Ariella said...

At least he isn't as dumb as Bush!?! But yes I have to admit I am a Obama fan.

May T said...

LMAO. I will agree.. Bush is pretty damned stupid..

Monica said...

The other day he was berating Obama about the fact that he hadn't been to the middle east yet. What is the saying about the glass house and casting the first stone? Oh yeah, don't do it. Moron.

Kelly said...

I second the need for a history and geography exam prior to being allowed to even run for the presidency. Since Obama believes there are 58 states I guess he'd fail along with John McCain. Good riddance to both of them.