A Trip to the Happiest Place on Earth (including GoG action)

I'm back from Disneyland and we survived. Alex even sort of liked it, I think, and that in and of itself is a miracle. He did say that he wouldn't be heartbroken if he never went back but that's a far cry from what he used to say, which was, "I'll never go to that hell hole. I hate Disney". He said he would even consider going back with both kids this summer. Uhhh I don't think it would be the "happiest place on earth" then, but, whatever.

Our friend Heather, who we met for dinner the night we got in, told Alex he had to get a First Timer button. For some reason he listens to her, so I was able to get a picture of him in front of the Walt statue wearing his button. He took it off right away.

He decided his favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Space Mountain (my favorite ride on the planet), The Haunted Mansion (another fave), and Splash Mountain.

Here's my friend Alicia and I after getting off Splash Mountain. It's kind of hard to tell in the small pic but my whole backside was wet. Alicia was so wet she was leaving puddles. That dark spot on the ground was her first puddle.

Did I mention how much I hate water rides? I'll go on that one once each trip but that's only because I have great memories of Song of the South.

Trying to dry off we walked around a bit and went into some of the stores. I convinced Alex to try on some mouse ears and took a picture. He really does hate having his picture taken but this picture was all an act.

He took a picture of me with a Peter Pan hat thinking it was Robin Hood. Umm see the Peter Pan on there honey? He really doesn't know his Disney.

I ended up buying mouse ears, not that I don't have any but just because I actually found a pair that fit my tiny head.

Disney CM: Uh you know you got infant size right?
Me: Yes, I meant to. It actually fits.

So yep I'm a freak who has to wear baby hats. Can't have them but I can wear their stuff.

I am sad Alicia is moving to the Ukraine for two years in a couple weeks. My friends are all moving away and that sucks so bad.

All in all it was an awesome day. We must have had great ride juju on Sunday because we were able to almost walk on every single ride *and* get into the front. That didn't work so well with Space Mountain though. Alex is 6'4 so the wind sheer in front sucked for him and made him cry. Well, it made his eyes tear and it just looked like he was crying.

Alex could also spin the teacups like a trophey. My friends couldn't even watch us on the ride because they thought they were going to hurl just from the site of it.

The only ride that sucked for us that day was the newish Nemo submarine ride. The ride itself wasn't bad (it was better than the old submarine ride) but the line was comparable to a vacation in hell. Standing in line for an hour in the blazing sun was such a bad idea. I seriously thought I was going to pass out.

We ended the day by watching the fireworks and then hauling ass to watch Fantasmic. We didn't make it through all of that because Alex and I didn't want to miss our hotel shuttle and Fantasmic was uber dull after the fireworks anyway.

Speaking of fireworks. Oh my Lord! I want to know how much Disney shells out for the pyro and lighting every night. This current show is insane! Not only did they set off fireworks like normal but they lit them up all around you and also lit the castle in new kick ass ways with gobos. They also set off fire balls from the castle. It was crazy and freaking amazing. The Haunted Mansion section was my favorite. Anyway you look at it, 4th of July fireworks are destroyed forever for me. I might as well not ever bother to go see them, because, why?

Here's a video I found on YouTube of the show. The video doesn't even do the show total justice but you can get an idea.

The next day we went to California Adventure. Well actually, Alex and I got up at the crack again so we could get into Disneyland and ride some favorites before CA opened. We hauled butt and rode Indy, Haunted Mansion, the Buzz ride, and Space Mountain in one hour. Oh yes, we rock. We then hauled ass to get a coffee at the end of Downtown Disney and hauled ass back to CA. We were going to try to fight the mobs waiting for the rope drop to get in line for the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride that opened up not even a week before.

That ride was so awesome. It's 3-D and you basically are playing five different carnival games such as a dart throw at balloons, egg toss at ducks and farm animals, ring toss at aliens and rockets, ball toss at plates, and sticky darts at bullseyes. Because it's 3-D things fly at you and air is shot at you. We ended up braving the lines and riding it twice because it was so kick ass.

There's also a big, talking Mr. Potato Head who is in the queue. He talks and interacts with the crowd. He asked Alicia where the top of her hat was because she was wearing a visor. It was so funny. His arms and eyes move around and supposedly he takes off his ear but I never saw him do that.

Once again Tower of Terror ruled in my book. I just wish I was able to ride it more than twice on this trip. Last time I think Bethia and I rode it around 5 times.

One more pic of Alex and I in the "Monterey" section. This building actually represents a real building in Monterey. However, instead of sardine cans and such they need to litter the buildings with cheesy Cannery Row sweatshirts and key chains if they really want it to be authentic. *barf* The best thing was Alex leaning over the "wharf" and making elephant seal sounds. People actually ran over to see the seals that weren't really there. I almost died! You see it just isn't the Monterey Fisherman's Wharf without the seals.

We ended the evening at the parks with the Main Street Electrical Parade. I freaking love that parade and I'm not a parade person. Usually I think they are pretty lame.

Side antidote about parades:

Me (walking through California Adventure's San Francisco Area): Where are the
rainbow flags? Where are my gays at?
Me (during the parade): Oh yes, there
they are.

And before people get all snippy, I have many gay friends,
some who have actually been performers in the parades. LOL

The Main Street Electrical Parade, however, is the best because it sums up all my childhood love of Disneyland. I had all the Disney records as a kid and would listen to them constantly. My favorites were Alice in Wonderland and my Disneyland record. I'd choreograph dances to the Main Street Electrical Parade soundtrack all the time and I'm sure I drove my mother nuts.

Now most people would have ended their day right there but nooooooo we had to be idiots and go see a 10 :45 movie because what would be better than seeing a Disney movie at a Disney theatre right? Luckily, it was amazing and we stayed awake the whole time.

I urge everyone to go see Wall-E. That little robot broke my heart (I'm not even joking) but it was such a wonderful movie. Pixar really outdid themselves. It takes major talent to bring some life to something like a robot and to give him such heart and character. The emotions he portrayed just using his "eyes" and the few words he spoke was astounding. Pixar also gets props for making the audience feel for a one eyed cockroach. If this movie doesn't win awards I'll eat my mouse ears.

So that was our Disneyland trip in uber condensed form. Of course I'm leaving what all my TTC6+ girls have been waiting for, for last. See, made you look!

I will tell you that I took one for the team. I endured ridicule and feeling/looking like a dork to bring you:

Ignore my "OMG I want to die" face. Just know I did it because I love you all.

And I want you all to pay special, close attention to my shirt. Yes PMarie, you got the left boob. I should add that Ariel was very nice. When I expressed my feelings of silliness for being an adult wanting a pic she said, "Well I'm glad you visited me".

I ended my trip with a breakfast with Staycee (Stacie) before we left to drive back home. What a great girl she is. Of course, I could tell that just from talking to her on the phone the night before. We obviously didn't have enough time because we talked constantly for 2 1/2 hours. I'm afraid I made her late for work. It's just too bad she doesn't live closer because I could see us being good friends.

P.S I want her hair.

P.P.S Here's the actual graphic I ironed onto the shirt. My appologies to my friends who are not on the shirt. It was hard to track people down to get pics. So know if your image is not on the shirt I still carried you with me. Cheesy, but true.


JL said...

Fantastic story and fantastic shirt!!!! I love it, you are a genius! :-)

kate said...

Hilarious! That has got to be the best shirt ever.

t.bird said...

omg- i <3 your shirt- i need one!

Stephanie said...

Wow! What a fun trip! OMG, I Love the shirt so much, and a pic with Ariel! Perfection!!!

May T said...

Oh.my.god. That is AMAZING. YOU, my love, are my hero.

I can't wait to hang out again soon!

jessica said...

OMG I got right boob!

Nicole said...

Ha, love it. You crack me up! Sounds like a great trip. Did you give Ariel kisses from us?

Maria Luisa said...

OMG!!! OK... I'll make a numbered list, 'cause this is exciting!

1. I love your pictures! And I'm very happy that you had a great time at Disney with your friend and your DH.

2. You and Staycee look soooo cute!!! Very jealous! jajaja

3. I got right boob!!! LOL... I LOVE the picture, and already stole it, hope you don't mind.

4. Thank you for doing that, I can't stop smiling (and just IM'd the pic to my DH, who saw me desperately looking for a pic when you asked for it and was the one to pick it...).

You are definitely amazing! Thank you!!!

iHikeandRun said...

Sounds like a crazy rad time! I want one of those t-shirts. :-D We should all get a t-shirt so we can take all the girls with us on our travels. Truly a masterpiece.

Callie said...

You kick SO much ass!! I want that shirt!

JackiJaguar said...

Oh.My.God. I love it. You rock.