Cycle 17 is Already a Bitch

17. 17 cycles and I'm still not pregnant.

I didn't even cry when my period showed yesterday. It was as if I expected it to. It's second nature now, that dissapointment. I had some hope this last cycle, which I kick myself for now. No spotting until the day before FP showed and FP showed late. I figure any made up "symptoms" were created by my body to merely to mess with my head.

This became an even bigger slap in the face this afternoon when a former BOTB regular on the Nest showed up today to announce her second BFP. I remember her first BFP and while I liked her, I just couldn't muster up a congrats in her announcement post.

Because it just isn't fair and I'm tired of being bitter and sad.


Stephanie said...

You are right Chrys, it just isn't fair. :( It fucking sucks.

Alicia said...

Sorry Lady. I miss you! Wish I was there to be a comfort.

May T said...



JenM said...

Chrys, I'm sorry. It sucks. The whole thing just isn't fair.